Foxy Shazam share upbeat single “The Rose” Announce new album, Burn, out December 11th

Foxy Shazam share upbeat single “The Rose”
Announce new album, Burn, out December 11th

Photo Credit: Scott Beseler/Paul Coors

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Foxy Shazam delighted their fans today with a new single, “The Rose”, as well as the news that they will be releasing their highly anticipated new album, Burn, on December 11th. The band unveiled “The Rose” via a YouTube premiere complete with a corresponding chat with their fanbase within the event. This latest single is a pop gem that will close out Burn with plenty of edge and rock exuberance. It serves as the perfect counterbalance to the frantic combination of massive ’70s inspired guitar and piano of the previously released singles from the record, “Burn” and “Dreamer”; offering a glimpse into just how well-rounded and dynamic their new full-length will be. You can stream “The Rose” now and Burn is also available for physical preorder here and digital here.

Speaking on “The Rose”, frontman Eric Nally stated:

“We chose not to have the flower petals shown in the art but rather the stem and thorns to depict nothing worth having comes easy.”

“The Rose” Artwork

Most of us run towards comfort at full tilt. There are only a select few individuals among us who, through natural inclination or learned behavior, are equipped to thrive in the face of chaos. Foxy Shazam’s enigmatic frontman, Eric Nally, is one of those people. This innate ability to find progress in disorder has largely shaped Foxy Shazam throughout their career and it was integral to the creation of the band’s highly anticipated sixth full-length album, Burn.

The initial ideas that would eventually become Burn began to take shape in early 2019 while Nally was on tour with Macklemore, something he’s spent a great deal of his time doing after collaborating on the Seattle rapper’s massive 2016 hit, “Downtown”. In contrast to their last record, Gonzo, which was written and conceived in the moment with the band in one room, Burn was often worked on remotely and recorded in the same manner. Sky White (piano) and Teddy Aitkins (drums) recorded in the legendary London Bridge studio in Seattle. Loren Turner (guitar) and Trigger Warning (bass) tracked their parts from Dayton, Kentucky at The LodgeKY studio. Finally, the process returned to the state of Washington, this time in Ryan Lewis’ Mundon Canyon studios, where Nally and Alex Nauth (horns) would add their parts to complete the picture.

On this record, Foxy Shazam eviscerates traditional genre lines. It’s a testament to where the band came from while aggressively pushing their sound forward. Throughout it all, Nally masterfully channels the lyrically abstract as he portrays feelings in the way one would describe a flavor. As a result, the listener is able to translate it through their own thoughts and experiences, adding a level of universal relatability that is hard to achieve. Burn is a collection of certified anthems that unintentionally provide a roadmap for fighting to live your best life in spite of the myriad obstacles that 2020 is throwing in your path. Speaking on the creation of Burn, Nally boldly declares “I will stand for 2020 and say I made moves during this time. It is hard, but we do it anyway. It might not be what you expect but, with Foxy, isn’t that what you expect”?

Burn Artwork
Burn Tracklist
1. Burn
2. Dreamer
3. Doomed
4. Dreamscape 2020
5. Never Ever
6. In My Mind
7. S.Y.A.A.F.
8. Into The Wild
9. Suffering
10. The Rose