Fourth Son South // “Machine” // EP Review


I’ve got to hold my hands up and say I had never heard of Fourth Son South before this little beauty arrived in my inbox and am I glad it did, it may only be a five-track ep but it packs so much into such a short time frame.

“Not A Machine” opens with a grinding riff and heavy beat that gives it a nice punch, Toussaint’s vocals are really strong going from gravely to melodic in the chorus, while his guitar work is unbelievable as the solo proves. “Power To The People” has an old school feel to it with the treble set to full to give the 80s/90s tinny sound, which I love, there is a great rhythm to this track with the pounding drums and bass, the guitars are off the chain and the solo is very Satriani-esque, a ripper track.

“Hold On” opens up with a slow chugging riff, buzzing bass and a steady drumbeat and for the most part stays like this but the pace and intensity pick up around the chorus, a brilliant solo adds that extra touch to a cracking song. “Sea Of Life” is a cool funky track that is so infectious it’s insane; groovy riffs, massive drums and thumping bass are the order of the day and it is awesome with a killer solo thrown in for good measure. “Tomorrows Better” closes the ep with a hard rocker that has a punk feel to it, Toussaint and guest vocalist Melissa Osborne smash it as their contrasting vocal styles play off against one another really well to a backdrop of crashing drums, cutting riffs and pounding bass, a great way to finish it off.

Review: Conor

Fourth Son South are:

Peter Toussaint                   Vocals/ Lead guitar

Dale McHardy                     Rhythm guitar

Carel Viljoen                        Drums

Franco Jamneck                  Bass

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