Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review
Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review8
Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review8
Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review8
Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review8
Forgotten Tomb // Nihilistic Estrangement // Album Review8
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This Italian Blackened Doom band Forgotten Tomb, became a household name as being amongst the original group of Depressive Black Metal with their first three albums Songs to Leave, Springtime Depression and Love’s Burial Ground and as time has progressed, they have spread their wings into the areas of Sludge and Rock as they see where the music takes them. Nihilistic Estrangement is the tenth studio album for the band and continues their growth into Doom-based music, using it as the platform that everything else is built around and upon. 

As the album opens with ‘Active Shooter’ there is no denying that there is an underlying groove to this track, creating a Black n Roll style of sound, however, there remain the Doom tones, just not necessarily the pace that would be typical of the sounds whilst the vocal is very Black Metal and extreme.

This expansion on the theme continues to run through the album and we do get the Depression Doom feeling at the start of songs such as ‘Iris’ House Pt.1’ however again, Forgotten Tomb have not solely remained with this style as they allow their artistic juices to flow whilst retaining their core feeling.

The riffs in tracks such as ‘Distrust’ continue the Black n Roll kind of feeling as you find yourself tapping your toe but questioning why you are doing it to a Blackened Doom basis, with the heavy drumming, deep bass tone and blood curdling vocal. You just can’t help but get caught by the riff and reeled in, don’t fight it, just go with it!

The 6- track offering spans some 41 minutes, with a couple of 8+ minute tracks, however, don’t let this put you off. Whereas some may find this daunting, especially with Doom music, this has allowed them to explore these other styles as they complement and provide additional layers to the music that the band creates.

Nihilistic Estrangement has a special feeling about it as you can feel the Depressive Doom core is still very much there but maybe this offering allows those who may not have experienced the genre to have favour without jumping in the deep end and those of us who enjoy the Depressive ad Doomy are still satisfied as it is certainly there, like the black dog that troubles so many of us, always lurking.

Ed Ford


Nihilistic Estrangement is released on May 8th 2020 via Agonia Records.


Track List

1. Active Shooter

2. Iris’ House Pt. I 

3. Iris’ House Pt. II 

4. Distrust3 

5. Nihilistic Estrangement 


Ferdinando “Herr Morbid” Marchisio – vocals, guitars
Alessandro “Algol” Comerio – bass
Kyo-Naam “Asher” Rossi – drums
Photo credit: Antonio Pupa
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First single “Nihilistic Estrangement” 
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