Norwegian thrash metallers Forgery are about to release their third studio album Edge of Perception on 2 November 2018 via the Australian label Battlegod Productions. The band first formed in the early 90s and is an established part of the thrash scene in Oslo, Norway. They had a decade-long-break but re-emerged in 2004 with a new drummer. Since then Forgery is performing regularly and toured also with e.g. Harm and Tantara at the Trash Till Death tour . In 2014, they released With These Fists which had a good response worldwide. With their 3rd album Edge of Perception they present their best and most entertaining album to date.

Forgery are:
Anders Moen – Guitars/Vocals
Morten Steen – Bass
Jan Roger Halvorsen – Drums
Ronny Hansen – Guitars

1. Age of Deception
2. After the Blood
3. Demon of Self
4. The Closer You Get
5. Scream
6. Scent of The Prey
7. Throttled
8. Through My Veins
9. 12 Gauge Fate
10. No Escape – 5:34
11. Shadows Through A Keyhole

Forgery‘s album Edge Of Perception is now available for pre-order on


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