Foreign Hands // Bleed the Dream // EP Review


Foreign Hands are set to release their latest EP this month, recorded at Bricktop Studios and with writing assistance by Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose, Bleed The Dream is a modern take on early 2000’s Metalcore with a modern Hardcore edge.

Anemoia starts off the release with brutal riffs and breakdowns alongside a catchy hook that perfectly encapsulates the sound they’re trying to replicate while having enough modern influence thrown into the mix to sound fresh. The EP’s single, Separation Souvenir brings more of a modern hardcore element to the forefront of the bands sound with chuggy riffs while the instrumentals and clean vocal breaks are incredible reminiscent of Stand Up And Scream era Asking Alexandria.

A Cardiac Winter blends elements of Slam with a Deftones inspired chorus to create a dissonance of aggression and peacefulness that I can’t help but think back to Loathe when I hear. Hesitation Marks hits with a phenomenal groove to the riffs that I found incredibly infectious and the dissonance created by the guitars on the track serves as a fantastic throwback to early metalcore. As we move onto the closing/title track Bleed The Dream listeners are treated to a truly amazing track that shows the song writing ability of Foreign Hands by creating the best chorus and breakdown of the entire release.

Bleed The Dream is a great EP that knows exactly how it wants to sound. With a fantastic blend of early Metalcore and Modern Hardcore/Slamcore that creates a catchy, yet relentlessly heavy sound that fans of Knocked Loose and similar bands are sure to love.

Bleed The Dream EP is out 2/18 via DAZE

Review: Daniel Stapleton

“Separation Souvenir”

PRE-ORDER: Bleed The Dream


Bleed The Dream Tracklist:
1. Anemoia
2. Separation Souvenir
3. A Cardiac Winter
4. Hesitation Marks
5. Bleed The Dream


Foreign Hands is Tyler Norris (vocals), Jack Beatson (guitar/vocals), Gill Gonzales (guitar),  Chuck Minix (bass), and Tyler Washington (drums).



Tour Dates:
w/ Silenus
2/26 – Louisville, KY @ Portal w/ + Kharma
2/27 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary
3/1 – Columbus, OH @ The Big Room Bar
3/3 – Upton, MA @ Upton VFW Hall
3/4 – New Haven, CT @ The State House
3/5 – Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall
Foreign Hands // Bleed the Dream // EP Review
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