Corde Oblique – ”The Moon is a dry bone”

Today FolkGaze act, Corde Oblique are releasing their new album “The moon is a dry bone”.

The artistic project directed by M.tro Riccardo Prencipe, active since 2005, after 7 albums starts in change skin and proposes “FolkGaze” sound, a cross between Folk and Shoegaze. The original pieces proposed by the ensemble speak of the history of Italian art and of a “wild and talented” South. Since 2005 the band released seven full-length albums with different labels, distributed in Europe and World.

Riccardo started in 1999 with his first band LUPERCALIA. they released the first album with the English label World Serpent (Death in June, Current 93, Antony and the Johnsons, Nurse With Wound). In many years Riccardo wrote music and lyrics for many voices and musicians. Since 1999 till 2009 Riccardo Prencipe was invited to join several compilations, released from labels and music magazines in Italy, Russia, France, and Germany.

Riccardo Prencipe performed with his band in several locations, here some places where he

performed in the previous years. Corde Oblique performed in festivals in Italy, China, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Albania, sharing the stage with bands: Bauhaus, Anathema, Opeth, Coph Nia, Moonspell, Ataraxia, Persephone, Spiritual Front, QNTAL, Kirlian Camera, Of the Wand and the moon, and more.

In Riccardo‘s albums there are a lot of guests, some of them from the following bands: Anathema, Daemonia Nymphe, Officina Zoé, Spakka Napoli, Synaulia, SpiritualFront, Argine, Ashram, Pinknruby, Gothica, Hexperos, Mediavolo, Dwelling.

Riccardo also wrote the soundtrack for the DVD-documentary: I Longobardi del sud attached to the catalogue of the exhibition in Rende (CZ) during 2008. Riccardo Prencipe‘s music was also used as the soundtrack from the Italian national TV RAI.

About the release

‘’The moon is a dry bone’’ is the last tile in the poetic mosaic of Corde Oblique. The usual in fact, folk sounds intertwine with something new: those who know the band will recognize their well-defined identity, this time shaken up with a more extreme and brave approach. The harshness of times contained within each song is showcased with courage but sweetened by a light shining from childhood, streaming from the regions where wonder can still be inspiration and action. The seventh studio album by Corde Obliqueincludes 11 unreleased songs written and produced by the mastermind Riccardo Prencipe, and a cover from Anathema. ‘’The moon is a dry’’ bone presents an artist who is still able to speak to the arid yet receptive and promising planets.


1. Almost Blue
2. La Strada
3. The moon is a dry bone 4. Le grandi anime
5. Le Torri di Maddaloni 6. Il figlio dei Vergini
7. La casa del Ponte
8. Temporary peace
9. Il terzo suono
10. Herculaneum
11. Almost Blue II

Stream the album here:

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Riccardo Prencipe – classic acoustic, electric guitars, ebow

Guest musicians and vocals: Rita Saviano,
Edo Notarloberti (Ashram), Umberto Lepore,
Alessio Sica, Luigi Rubino, Michele Maione,
Carmine Ioanna, Caterina Pontrandolfo,
Denitza Seraphim (Irfan), Maddalena Crippa,
Sergio Panarella (Ashram), Andrea Chimenti (Moda), Miro Sassolini (Diaframma)



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