Folk Fusion Band Good Job Honey Release Debut Album

Folk Fusion Band

Good Job Honey

 Release Debut Album

Why You So Sticky? 

Out Now!

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(New York, NY July 30, 2021)  It’s believed that the pacing of comedy is comparable to the rhythm of music. Humoristic folk-fusion band Good Job Honey understands those sentiments exceptionally well. After releasing their popular singles “Lazy Lovin’,’” “Crazy Country” and “Balls From The Back,” the eccentric trio has now released their debut album Why You So Sticky?. Through their long awaited album, Good Job Honey seek to energize and inspire joy for all who listen, fusing multiple genres including folk, funk, bluegrass and Americana.

Currently available on all digital platforms, the 10-track album blends drums, guitars, ukulele, and brass instruments underneath humorous lyrics. The songs carry a variety of themes, including living life boldly, a satirical outlook on the male body and the unpredictability that comes along with romantic love and partnership.

Consisting of cannabis farmers, husband and wife April and Sean Roberts, alongside Sean’s brother Austin, Good Job Honey was formed in 2012 in the small town of Ashland Oregon. A couple years later, the trio expanded to include violinist Tommy Letchworth, drummer Colin Braley, trumpeter Tucker Heintz and bassist Gio Betus.

Known for their the eccentric style with a comedic flavor, the band says about the making of their debut album:

“Making this album was incredible, we learned so much and grew as people and as musicians. It is a snapshot of who we were when we wrote these songs and of the growth we achieved through them. We are so excited to get our music out into the world, through ear holes, into brains and bobbing heads and tapping feet. Our moms LOVE the album! If our moms’ enthusiasm for this album is any indication of what is to come, we are going places… like, this thing is really going to explode! We’re gonna be totally famous, like fans dropping to their knees, crying, famous. And rich, don’t forget rich.”

Be sure to check out Good Job Honey and their debut album, Why You So Sticky?,  available now on all streaming platforms!

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Why You So Sticky?


  1. Kinetic Energy

  2. Simple Things

  3. Underwear

  4. Crazy Country

  5. Keepin’ On

  6. Mendo Town

  7. Old Tommy Grayballs

  8. Lazy Lovin’

  9. Sleepy Town

  10. Balls From The Back


The eccentric folk fusion band, Good Job Honey, consists of siblings Austin and Sean Roberts and April Roberts. Formed in 2012 in Ashland, Oregon, the trio performed throughout the Pacific Northwest with local Oregonian band Jive Coulis. Through several life events and hardships, including Sean and April’s home burning in the tragic Almeda fire in 2020, the band continued to persevere and hone their musical talents. This summer, the small town indie band is excited to share their artistry and offbeat personalities with the release of their debut album Why You So Sticky? on July 30th, 2021.

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