Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review8
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review8
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review8
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review8
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review8
Foetal Juice // Gluttony // Album Review0
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Having been tearing up underground shows for well over 10 years now, Foetal Juice released Big Trouble In Little Vagina in 2013, followed by a split release with Human Landfill in November 2014 before their debut album, Masters of Absurdity landed in 2016.

Anyone who will have either listened to Foetal Juice before or paid attention to the names of the previous releases will have realised that whilst this band makes Brutal music, they also have a sense of humour that likes to show itself and marries up to the extreme kind sounds that you are about to enjoy.

Blasting into life with ‘Take Your Face For A Shit’ the down-tuned riff is soon joined by a rapid and oppressive drum and then the album really begins to take flight. The speed is ramped up whilst the vocal barks out the dark and disturbing yet humour laden lyrics and throughout it all there is a hint of Blackened Metal just to make things slightly darker.

As the album progresses the recipe remains the same as the fast and oppressive music is met with the extreme style of vocal and blackened humour, which is then merged with the Blackened Grind sound, creating wonderous Brutal Death Metal.

Gluttony consists of 12 tracks that span roughly 39 minutes of some of the fastest and most powerful tracks that you are likely to hear and don’t think that the humorous side of the band takes anything away from the credibility of this band. This warped way of thinking is very much part of the band and the darkness of this music matches it perfectly.

The Mancunian four-piece have managed to create a bludgeoning chunk of Brutal Blackened Death Metal that makes you smile as it beats you senseless and then you find yourself reaching for the play button as soon as it finishes to do it all over again. This is certainly one for any person who enjoys the heavier and darker sides of life, trust me you will not regret listening to this.

Ed Ford


Gluttony is released Friday, June 12th 2020 via Gore House Productions.


Track List

1 – Take Your Face For A Shit 

2 – Septic Mollusc 

3 – Manifestation Of Falsity 

4 – Metamorphosis 

5 – Venomous Domination 

6 – Worthless Delusion 

7 – Trepidation 

8 – Nether Pandemonium 

9 – Antagonistic Bastard 

10 – Carnage 

11 – Gluttony 

12 – Spirit Leech




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