FM - The Italian Job - Album Review
FM - The Italian Job - Album Review 8
FM - The Italian Job - Album Review 8
FM - The Italian Job - Album Review 8
FM - The Italian Job - Album Review 8
FM - The Italian Job - Album Review 8
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Frontiers have brought the world another great album from their 2018 Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan. This time starring ​FM​ and their incredible set that was in support of the bands 10th studio album ​Atomic Generation​. The aptly named ​The Italian Job​ is another great collaboration from the premium melodic rock festival and the UK’s favourite melodic band.

Offering a set list which pulled from not only their last 2 albums but also took fans back to the early days of the very first couple of albums. FM created something that catered for everyone that their fans old and new could experience and enjoy. The band have always been able to provide their fans with an outstanding performance and the sound of this live album is no different. Each member sounds on point and there are definitely times where you could easily forget that this is in fact a live recording and not a studio album. ​Steve Overland​ shows that despite time his vocal abilities are still just as strong as ever as he makes each note and allows the passion to be heard through his voice. He is strongly backed by ​Merv Goldsworthy ​and ​Jim Kirkpatrick ​who provide the rhythm section. However a stand out moment from the album and set is the performance of “Story of My Life”. With ​Jem Davies​ providing the hauntingly beautiful melody on the keyboard and Overland’s clear emotion throughout the track, it is absolutely moving to hear. The response heard from the crowd only proves how much of an enchanting moment was created. That’s not to say the rest of the album isn’t incredible to hear with some great up beat tracks from “Black Magic” to “Killed By Love” which got some great crowd interaction. Closing the set and album was “That Girl” and “Other Side of the Mountain” which seemed to be the right go with driving rhythms and the band doing what they do best.

With each live album that is released, fades away that idea that the quality is not as good as a studio album. ​FM ​have just added to that proof as this offering provides a fantastic line up of tracks and shows a band who can perform as well on stage as they can on a studio. ​The Italian Job ​is a must have album for any FM or melodic rock fan!

FM ​The Italian Job ​is released on 22nd February via Frontiers Music s.l.r




Black Magic
I Belong To The Night Life Is A Highway

Let Love Be The Leader Someday (You’ll Come Running) Killed By Love
Over You
Closer To Heaven
Does It Feel Like Love
Story Of My Life
Love Lies Dying
Bad Luck

Tough It Out
That Girl
Other Side Of Midnight

Steve Overland – Vocals & Guitar Merv Goldsworthy – Bass
Pete Jupp – Drums
Jem Davis – Keyboards
Jim Kirkpatrick – Guitar

One Response

  1. Rickk

    I probably won’t buy this album cause setlist seems unbalanced and leaves to be desired :
    albums such as Aphrodisiac, Metropolis, Rockville were totally ignored , also there are too many ballads for
    my taste.
    Sure there are some welcome surprises (Someday, FeelsLikeLove) but all in all this setlist needs a “fresh air”.
    Another thing wrongy to me is the song ToughItOut always played at the end of the show.. makes no sense because it’s a show opener type of songs !


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