Florida pop-punks Nearly Spent bring energy and heart on new, self-titled EP

Southwest Florida pop-punks Nearly Spent have unveiled their new EP. ‘Nearly Spent’ is out now on Affiant Records.

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The quintet tell stories of loneliness, heartbreak and hope on the new release, which marries an impressive hybrid of old school and new school pop-punk stylings.

Peace of Mind
Accidentally in Love

Watch the band’s latest video for “Runaway”


Having formed during the pandemic, and spent the bulk of the COVID years developing their sound, Nearly Spent have crafted an energetic, heart-on-sleeve and driving pop-punk soundscape, deftly balancing urgency and melody.

Nodding to modern day genre front runners, such as Broadside and Goalkeeper, the new EP incorporates splashes of throwback-style pop-punk as well as injections of heavier hard rock and post-hardcore influence. Furthering their drive into the lexicon of alternative rock fans across the country, Nearly Spent make their Inkarceration Festival debut alongside Korn & Breaking Benjamin in July.

‘Nearly Spent’ is a concept album telling the story of the narrator who battles vices, self-doubt and adversity to overcome his obstacles and find true love. A fun and infectious tale that will entertain and uplift fans of pop-punk from today or 30 years prior.

Featuring fan favorite singles “Hello”, “Runaway” and a pop-punk re-imagining of Counting Crows’ 90’s classic, “Accidentally in Love”, ‘Nearly Spent’ is out now on Affiant Records.

Nearly Spent Press 1

Nearly Spent is:
Eric Calderon – Lead Vocals
Ryan Vega – Guitar, Vocals
Paul O’Neill Castro -Guitar
Leo Cartelli – Bass
Ryan White – Drums

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