Florida Melodic Post Hardcore Project NEVER ENOUGH Releases Debut Single

Florida Melodic Post-Hardcore Project Never EnoughReleases Debut Single

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Florida-based melodic post-hardcore upstart Never Enough has shared their debut single, “Into The Blur.” The driving, hard-hitting track combines aggressive guitar riffs and electronic elements with pop-minded melodies and lush harmonies.

For Nick Bailey, the singular force behind Never Enough, the single is all about the evolution of relationships. “Life and relationships can change in ways we may not expect or even want, but it is inevitable,” explains Bailey. “‘Into the Blur’ deals with the distance we often feel from those we love or people who were once a larger part of our lives.

“Into The Blur” was performed, engineered and produced by Bailey himself, and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Austin Coupe (The Browning). The single is accompanied by a streaming video produced by Naro Studios.


CREDIT: Naro Studios

Never Enough formed in 2021 and combines elements of alternative electronic-rock and melodic post hardcore. “The name Never Enough has multiple meanings,” Bailey explains. “Everyone at some point feels like they aren’t enough for someone, something, or even for themselves. But it also represents this idea that we all strive and work towards different goals in our lives, but even if we achieve them, we can still feel like it’s never enough to make us happy.

Listen to the single “Into The Blur” now on Spotify.





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