“I think that the main thing that any artist has to offer is his own perspective”, states singer-songwriter Jim Stanard. “My songs are about how I see people and how I see the world. I think that’s the most important thing that an artist can communicate.”

After listening to Jim’s new single and watching the video you immediately understand his comment above.  His ability to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics are never more apparent than in this first release from his new album, Color Outside The Lines, (10/16/20 on Manatee Records).  The track, “Home” and the accompanying video leaves you feeling the pain of refuges over the ages.  The stark images and Jim’s weathered voice with backing vocals from, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) and Peter’s daughter Bethany creates an almost haunting delivery of the song.


– The album was produced by Grammy-nominated artist/producer, Kip Winger and notable players on the album included Afghan Whigs guitarist, Jon Skibic.

– Stanard met Peter Yarrow at an event at the Carter Center, the humanitarian outreach organization run by former President Jimmy Carter. They became friends through their mutual participation in Braver Angels and No Labels, two groups devoted to reducing political polarization.

– While he entered the Music business late in life, Stanard said, “I played a lot of music in the ’60s and early ’70s, playing solo in college coffeehouses for about fifteen years”, Stanard recalls. “Then I got busy with other stuff and stopped playing, but I always carried the music with me.

– Jim’s debut effort, Bucket List won considerable acclaim, even spawning a viral grass-roots hit in the whimsical “It’s All Turtles”, which was featured on Dr. Demento’s legendary syndicated radio show.

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