Cheltenham Emo upstarts FLOORBOARDS are primed to make their mark on
proceedings. The ferocious foursome have just dropped their explosive new
single, Low – https://youtu.be/fb4gOtK3ULc .

The Brit Emo-Grunge crew solidified their line-up last year and they are
rapidly gaining new fans and friends. The band pull from a range of artists
panning from Title Fight and Thursday, through to Basement and Hindsights.

With a strong affection for millennium Emo and a passion for modern-day punk
rock, the quartet intricately blend intimate lyricism with fiery punk
instrumentation. The end result is a truly engaging sound that has already
ignited small clubs and is sure to set alight larger venues. Following shows
with everyone from Mallory Knox, Black Peaks, Milk Teeth and Crooks UK, to
Such Gold, FLOORBOARDS are destined to strike out on their own, and have the
songs and presence to be one of the major players within the UK. Keep glued
to the band’s social media pages for show and tour updates.

www.facebook.com/floorboardspunx     |   www.twitter.com/floorboardspunx

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