Flood Peak // Fixed Ritual // EP Review


Having entered the arena of dark and gloomy music in 2016, Flood Peak released their debut album in 2018 with Plagued by Sufferers. Using this as a catalyst, the Oregon three-piece sloom merchants into playing more gigs and seeing what other despairing sounds they could create. So herewith having the follow-up, by way of this five-track EP which the band are clear, this is not an extension of Plagued by Sufferers, this is evolution or devolution of their sound and dives further into the depths of the hopeless.

As soon as the opening notes crash into your head, the Doom laden Blackened Post Sludge begins to worm its way into your brain and begins the decomposition process in an unusual but extremely effective way. The depressive sounds latch onto any self-doubt you have and not only maximises it, but this incredible sound also creates new levels of trudging desperation. The growling and distorted deep vocal vibrates through your skull and completes the emotionally destructive composition.

The five tracks are a combination of crushing Doom tones matched with clashing Djent and Post Metal aspects that span roughly 30 minutes and will push the limits of where you feel your tolerance levels are no matter how much Sludge and Blackened metal you may listen to. The chaotic guitars join that crushing vocal and stunningly aggressive drum as the music takes the lead on a number of tracks,  as the minimalistic amount of lyrics that Flood Peak have included take the back seat. The lyrical content, however, is as bleak and disturbing as you would expect, so don’t feel that this will provide a pick me up!!

This EP is a fantastic follow up to Plagued by Sufferers or an amazing introduction to this band for any fans of depressive music or Blackened Post Metal. This is not simply an all-out Doom-style record, the aspects of Sludge and gloomy djentishness allow for a multi-faceted approach to this numbing of the senses that gets better on every listen.

By the end of the five tracks, you will probably be rocking in a corner drooling and wondering what you have ever done with your life, or reaching to press play again as the rewarding listen is too good not to hear again and connects in ways that other music could only wish for


Ed Ford


Fixed Ritual will be released 22nd January by Anima Recordings.


  1. Urnfield
  2. Salve Curator
  3. Feral Wraiths
  4. Way of the Sea
  5. Sectarian Hilt




Flood Peak // Fixed Ritual // EP Review
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