Flogging Molly - Fuelling The Fire Tour - O2 Academy - Bristol
Flogging Molly - Fuelling The Fire Tour - O2 Academy - Bristol
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So I was once again given the opportunity to shoot a band that’s been on my bucket list for years . It’s was all a bit last minute for the press pass to come through so I didn’t expect it to happen . Then mid afternoon the email came through . That’s when the nerves kicked in .
It was a long drive in strong winds and driving rain , that combined with the venue bringing the start time forward to allow a late night disco meant everything was against me ,collected my pass and started to head in, i then heard a banjo, along with a tin whistle . I thought I was too late but lucky for me it was their first song, I literally threw my way to the front in this sold out show , that was a challenge in itself. The crowd were in great spirits so I was able to make it without a black eye.
The atmosphere was electric, normally the bands take a while to really get into it but Dave king was totally on form and was really playing up to the crowd and the camera . I managed a nice middle finger salute from the main man himself which totally made it for me. The band played with great unity and made it seem effortless , the sound guys also did an amazing job,crystal clear vocals, thumping bass drum and even the fiddle and tin whistle were loud and clear. With a combination of old classics that got literally every person singing along to , to new songs that had everyone listening intently, It was a fantastic mix of old and new .
You knew it was a gig not to be missed when you had a guy in the audience standing on another guys shoulders, literally facing Dave king , and he loved it acknowledging the guys excellent attempt at getting noticed! After various song dedications from the band, and a lovely heartfelt few words about Bridget Regan from Dave , it seemed it was over just too soon , but the encore came along and Flogging molly said fuck it, the disco can wait and went in to play a few more amazing songs to really top off a truly memorable night of Celtic-Punk, singing and lots and lots of people dancing , in the pit, on the balcony and even on the staircase . A night that so many were glad to have been able to witness.
16 years wait and worth it!
Review & Photography: Tony Hebblethwaite

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