Spanish modern metal act Flames At Sunrise is finally back with a new single “EGO” out today via Wormholedeath/The Orchard.

About the single EGO:

“EGO : your obsession, that kills your mind

What can you tell about your EGO?Does it cheat on you? Help you? Have you ever stopped thinking about it? At FLAMES AT SUNRISE we’ve spent a few months thinking about our vision of who we are. Where we are going. From these thoughts, EGO was born, a single that will lead the way of all the new production. EGO is a moment to stop a contemplation of the path we’ve made and, above all, a look to our center, with focus on ourselves. The song goes into human relationships, into the damage we can find and store, and on how this can lead us to lose everything we live for.”

“EGO” is available on all digital stores worldwide:

Image description

“EGO” Official Video



Flames At Sunrise is a metal band from Barcelona born in 2011. They created their personal vision of music : a mix of different modern metal styles and  the experimentations of their sound.

After 3 years on the stage, they released their first EP called “Never Coming Home”. This EP contains 4 songs: “Never Coming Home”, “Take It Down” and “Bitch” (with a videoclip for each one), and “Grievance”. They won some competitions like “NOUS TALENTS” in 2014 (with jury members like Carles Benavent, the well known bassist of Paco de Lucía, and the guitarist from Pegasus, Max Sunyé) and “BARRACAS DE TARRAGONA“.

Guitar Flash, a mobile and PC game developer with more than 2m of followers, has chosen Flames At Sunrise to be part of their APP.




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