Brit progressive metal combo FJORDS have just set loose the stunning video
for the track, Prometheus – , which lifted from
their killer new album, Onirica, out everywhere on Friday 22nd November.

FJORDS hurl out commanding progressive and atmospheric metal that tips its
hat to the majesty and melancholy of European death and doom metal bands
such as: Novembre, Katatonia, Agalloch, and Borknagar, and also pulls from
the progressive approaches of Opeth, Tool and Leprous.

Coming at you from Nottingham, FJORDS were officially born at the end of
2016. Before then, however, they previously existed under the guise,
Onirica.  Comprised of Jack Thorp (Guitars), Dav Carroll (Vocals) and Dan
Bird (Bass), Onirica laid the early creative foundations for FJORDS but it
was not until the arrival of ex-October File drummer, John Watt, and
Twilight’s Embrace guitarist, Ben Sizer, that FJORDS were truly solidified.

At the beginning of 2017, the finalised line-up released Ode to the
Albatross, an eight-minute debut single which showcased the band’s vision,
as well as their experience in combining the heavy, epic atmosphere of
European melodic doom with the more rhythmic attributes of modern
progressive metal. Ode to the Albatross was met with a number of positive
critical responses and helped to place the newly formed quintet on the map.
Live performances soon followed, along with offers to play festivals such as
Warhorns, and the band commenced work and demoing on their debut album.
Trials and tribulations, however, delayed the album for an entire year. Now,
their debut album, titled “Onirica” in homage to the early days of the band,
is finally complete.

Vocalist, Dav Carroll comments: “‘Onirica’ is born from 10 years of joy,
strife, hardship and love of music. It has been a long road travelled, but
the end result is a collection of songs recalling dreams, myth and nostalgia
that, to us, perfectly embodies that journey made.” The album stands
gallantly as a superb body of work clearly mapping out the band’s manifesto
and unabashed ability. FJORDS are preparing for a forthcoming appearance at
this year’s HRH Vikings II in Sheffield later this month. Stay tuned!

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