Fixation – Release New Track And Music Video Titled «Stay Awake»


17. NOVEMBER, 2021

Heavy, beautiful and political; Fixation release new track and music video titled «Stay Awake»! 

With an exceptional vocal performance from Jonas Hansen combined with heavy guitar riffs, drums and electronic elements, Stay Awaketruly captures their listeners in a wonderful mixture of the raw, beautiful and heavy.

“Stay Awake is dark and mysterious song with tons of energy and rage, but at the same time it has a longing and melancholy character”.Guitarist Martin Selen states about the track.

The lyrics to Stay Awake arose after the storming of the congress in America, where Fixation felt a need to express their thought around the event. The song evolved to speak up against ignorance, hate and injustice, and with this Fixation wish to bring more attention to double standards that contributes to an unsafe and divided world.

“Stay Awake speaks up against the hypocritical way some people view today’s society. A lot of people choose to be blind to situations they don’t want to face. While turning away from injustice, they focus instead on what’s most beneficial for themselves. It also brings up how a lot of people fight a revolution that they really don’t know what’s about.” Vocalist Jonas Hansen says.



Fixation is:

Jonas Hansen - Vocal
Martin Selen – Guitar
Tobias Østerdal – Guitar
Martin Gravdal – Bass

Studio: Nabolaget Studio
Drum Engineer: Roar Nilsen, Tobias Østerdal
Produced by: Jonas Hansen, Tobias Østerdal og Martin Selen
Mixed by: Tobias Østerdal
Mastered by: Morgan Nicolaysen

Artwork: Lasse Almqvist Scherven

About Fixation:

Fixation is a brand-new melodic metalcore band from Norway who freely combine electronic elements with stadium rock and metal. Catchy riffs, dynamic melodious synthesizers, heavy bass, and drum rhythms makes them a roller coaster of melancholic aggression. With earnest lyrics and a refreshing take on social criticism they convey interpretation of current affairs in their writing. Whenever the music reaches the depths of it’s beautiful and soft vulnerability, you’re abruptly hurled back up again by aggressive riffs and bass lines. The result is compelling and massive music that appeals to a generation rather than to fans of one specific genre.

Their debut EPGlobal Suicide released fall of 2020 and received impressive international response in both the press and the streaming services. “…simply an impressive debut! If this had been a full-fledged album, it would very much have reached Album of the Year lists.” – Norway Rock Magazine. Metal Hammer Norway were also very much impressed and stated; “Sounds like a million dollars. There is so much talent here that it is almost touching, and what an amazing vocalist this band has in Jonas Hansen! It is simply a revelation. Wow !!” 

Fixation will release a new single and music video titled ”Stay Awake” November 17thMore singles and debut album coming in 2022.


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