Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review
Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review 10
Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review 10
Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review 10
Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review 10
Five Finger Death Punch // “F8” // Album Review 10
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The eighth album from Five Finger Death Punch has dropped and it is outstanding, there is a real sense of maturity in their sound buried amongst the usual backdrop of their undoubted musical prowess, they have been at this for the guts of fifteen years. “F8” gets the album underway with an upbeat orchestral instrumental that somewhat belies what is to come. “Inside Out” has a full-on beat that combined with Moody’s vocals has you on the edge of your seat, packed with 5FDP’s inimitable sound and classy breakdowns it is a really strong opening to the album. “Full Circle” has a really infectious beat that just mesmerizes you and with Moody spitting out lyrics like a machine gun, chorus’ that are ridiculously catchy and riffs that heavy as hell it just screams class.

“Living The Dream” grinds from the opening note with meaty riffs that are heavier than anything they have put out before which makes it that much more appealing and with Moody giving it socks on the vocals it has to be one of the best tracks on here. “A Little Bit Off” is nearly a radio-friendly pop type track that while not their best work will still have you tapping your foot despite yourself. “Bottom Of The Top” is back to their edgy hard-hitting best, hard and heavy down-tuned guitars, blasting drums and a ripper bass line, with their characteristic melodious breakdown in the middle that bleeds back into the heaviness that you expect, a gem of a track. “To Be Alone” is one of the tracks that the newfound maturity seems to just flow through the band from the buzzing bass to Moody’s uncompromising vocals to the guitar prowess of Hook and Bathory it is just brilliant a real highlight of the album. “Mother May I(Tic Toc)” is a snarling thrashy tune that is wall to wall riffs and pounding drums, a staple in the 5FDP catalog. “Darkness Settles In” is a power ballad that lets Moody showcase his undeniable vocal talents with some cool guitar work thrown in for good measure.

“This Is War” is exactly that, a ferocious, relentless attack on the senses that is amazing in all its profanity-laden beauty, gnarly riffs, machine-gun drumming and thick bass, excellent is all you can say. With “Leave It All Behind” they stick to the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” as they roll it back with a vintage performance with a mixture of angst-ridden lyrics, pulsating riffs, and drums, this will be another instant classic. “Scar Tissue” is a full-on assault right from the start as Moody snarls and growls his way through the song that is peppered with a groovy bass beats and funky riffs. “Brighter Side Of Grey” has a real live arena feel to it, so much so that you can nearly see the lighters and phone torches glinting in the darkness and a montage of the band playing on big screens. Cheesy it may well be but don’t for a minute let that detract from a truly epic song, possibly one of their best ever. A couple of bonus tracks were thrown on for good measure and your listening pleasure. The first of these is “Making Monsters” which will just melt your face with a stomping beat, gritty riffs and Moody giving it socks. “Death Punch Therapy” is a quickfire snappy track that just rocks from start to finish and will leave you begging for more.




“F8” is out now.

Five Finger Death Punch are:

Ivan Moody Vocals, Piano

Zoltan Bathory Rhythm Guitars

Jason Hook Lead Guitars

Chris Kael Bass

Charlie Engen Drums

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