Fit For An Autopsy // Oh What The Future Holds // Album Review


“The Sea of Tragic Beasts” for me was the best album of 2019.

Not only did it cement Fit For An Autopsy as the now crowned kings of the “deathcore” genre it also opened up the world to knowing just how talented & what musical genius the collective band are.

So when I heard rumblings that the band were gearing up to a follow up album, part of me was excited but honestly thought how could they possibly beat “The Sea of Tragic Beasts”.

Well they have only gone and done it. Not only have they matched the pure aggression, beautiful melodies on their previous album. Now with “Oh What The Future Holds” Fit For An Autopsy have been able to created 3 solid albums in a row while still building brick by brick each album to raise the ceiling, hey they have smashed through the fucking thing & are in the clouds right now.

Opening up the album with the title track “Oh What The Future Holds” easing in with ambient tones while single piano notes ring before it builds into a sultry soothing sound as the band slowly come in building a wall of sound that crawls before Joe Badolato’s vocals begin.

As soon as Joe hits “Oh What The Future Holds…” the band erupt into a sonic barrage taking right off where “The Sea of Tragic Beasts” left off which is a perfect way to open the album, and a reminder to old & new listeners what the band is about to unleash.

“Pandora” the second track is an ass-beater. Full to the brim of chugging guitars, double kick parts & melodic chorus that hit the soul. My close connection to FFAA has been the lyrics. Written by singer Joe Badolato & Will Putney the bands founder they have always written lyrics that are profound. “Wet work on the wasteland. White washing the rubble. It’s never “too many graves”. It’s always “not enough shovels”. These are lyrics with true purpose & meaning which evelates FFAA above so many others.

My favourite chorus & melody on the album (which has many beautiful ones i can tell you) is the following track “Far From Heaven”.

Starting off the track with an echoing rhythmic & hypnotic guitar riff before Joe Badolato’s vocals kick in & the band create a bouncing track that had been banging my head throughout. The riff writing & overall guitar performance on this album is again top notch.

Will Putney, Patrick Sheridan & Tim Howley have yet again been able to meld a ton of guitar riffs & melodic elements that created an album sonically that can’t be touched by anything else right now.

Before the end of the track reaching its end it builds to a dramatic point as we hear “We are what you created, An infinite expanse of pine boxes.

Illuminate the sky. Keep me far from heaven, So far from heaven..” as the band unleashes chaos in short but sweet breakdown before the song ends in a eerie single guitar.

The heaviest track on the album has to be “In Shadows”.

If you love stripped down deathcore this is it, but even keeping it “simple” FFAA are still able to keep it on their terms by blending ungodly riffs, guttural vocals, blast beats with choir like chorus sections that put even more icing on the cake.

The most suprising track on the album “A Higher Level Of Hate” is simply on another level. Starting out with an industrial style bass pattern while a fuzzy compressed guitar chugs in sync as the track explodes into an early Meshuggah influenced track. For all you guitar nerds this track is for you. I can see this being a topnotch live track!

“Savages” showcases the backbone of this album being Peter Spinazola’s bass tone & performance. Keeping a tight & close ear with the drums he’s able to help build a thick & lustrous wall of thickness that elevates the all guitars throughout the album.

The track that shows Will Putney & Patrick Sheridan’s hardcore roots is “Conditional Healing” on par with classic bands like Botch, Converge & new bands like & Knocked Loose they play with the more chaotic side of hardcore & deathcore. Which also has the best breakdown on the album. As Joe screams “How many more mothers have to bury their sons? You sick motherfucker…” total chaos ensues leaving a pile rumble & dust in the band’s wake.

The most stand out part of the bands last album was the closing track “Napalm Dreams” which to date was the bands most experimental & prolific.

Now with the latest album’s closer “The Man That I Was Not” they have been able to push that progression & experimental side even further.

My words & limited vocab can not even begin to describe how beautiful, soulful & superb this closing track is. Once a decade there are album closers like this. This track has left me speechless & proud to see a band I’ve held so dear & personal to me grow into a band that will be unstoppable.

“Oh What The Future Holds” has blown away any perceptions I had of a follow up album which I thought was faultless. Fit For An Autopsy has it in them to become the new standard & in a few years become one of the best live & recording bands in the modern metal landscape.

Joseph Mitchell

Oh What The Future Holds is out via Nuclear Blast Records on 14th Jan 2022


1. Oh What The Future Holds

2. Pandora 4:36

3. Far From Heaven

4. In Shadows

5. Two Towers

6. A Higher Level Of Hate

7. Collateral Damage

8. Savages

9. Conditional Healing

10. The Man That I Was Not

Line Up:

Joe Badolato – Vocals

Will Putney – Guitar

Patrick Sheridan – Guitar

Tim Howley – Guitar

Peter Spinazola – Bass

Josean Orta – Drums

Fit For An Autopsy // Oh What The Future Holds // Album Review
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