Fit For A King // The Path // Album Review

Formed in Tyler, Texas, in 2007, Fit For A King release two independent Eps, Fit For A King in 2008 and Awaken the Vesper in 2009 before the debut album Descendants was self-released in 2011. The Metalcore band then signed to Solid State Records and released Creation/Destruction in 2013, Slave to Nothing in 2014, Deathgrip in 2016 before the 2018 release of Dark Skies continued their formidable release rate and now the sixth studio is about to arrive to continue the bands rise to the forefront of the scene.

As the intro builds it quickly becomes very clear that Fit For A King ate about to blow the doors off, as the sounds of Metalcore begin with a gravelly vocal, before an anthemic chorus comes along to sing and carry away with the band. You cannot help but feel that this is music made to be heard live as it will get everyone singing along and then chaos erupts in the pit.

By the end of the opener ‘The Face Of Hate,’ you have experienced everything that top-level Metalcore should involve, including a nasty breakdown and this recipe continues with catchy riffs, sing-along vocals, some of which are almost Pop-Punk level, however, the heavy is always there, just waiting to be unleashed onto the tracks.

The album is very catchy throughout, however as stated this doesn’t prevent the album also being very catchy, as we experience neck testing breakdowns that are as fun to experience as taking part in the vocals.

Tracks such as ‘Annihilation’ up the heaviness and pick up the pace to the perfect pitting levels and would sound huge in a live setting, whenever this can be experienced again, it sounds massive through normal speakers so live it would crush.

The Path is full of all the aspects that make enjoyable Metalcore, from the soaring vocals to the shattering breakdowns, you will be testing your lung capacity whilst joining in with the vocals and then smashing anything in range as the drums pick up and the pit becomes chaotic with the heavy aspects. There is no denying that The Path will continue the popularity of Fit For A King and should push them to the next level.

Ed Ford


The Path is released Friday 18tH of September 2020 via Solid State Records.


01 – The Face of Hate
02 – Breaking The Mirror
03 – Annihilation
04 – The Path
05 – Prophet
06 – Locked In My Head
07 – God of Fire
08 – Stockholm
09 – Louder Voice
10 – Vendetta



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