First Taste Of Ohmwork’s Upcoming Album

The first taste of Ohmwork’s new album!
Ohmwork release their fifth album Pareidolia 4th of June 2021. With drummer Einar Petersen (Deception) in place for the recordings, the totality of Ohmwork’s sound is renewed. The drumming is precise and varied, intricate but still groovy.
‘Liquid Fire’ is the first taste of Ohmwork’s upcoming album. The shortest song – a more straight to the point track vs other songs from Ohmwork’s next and most progressive album to date. ‘Liquid Fire’ is a riffy and bluesy number with lyrics that have several meanings. It is entirely up to the listener to decide. But it is pretty clear we are talking about an inner struggle. It has peaked and things have gone too far. A feeling of being trapped in one’s own body and existing in a burning state. You want out, NOW!

‘Liquid Fire’ is out Friday 5th of March!

“Liquid Fire” – Music video
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