Firewind // Firewind // Album Review
Firewind // Firewind // Album Review9
Firewind // Firewind // Album Review9
Firewind // Firewind // Album Review9
Firewind // Firewind // Album Review9
Firewind // Firewind // Album Review9
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Having been around since 2002 it will come as no surprise that these guys know how to make an album and what an album it is. Every track will have you crying out for more as the intensity just enthralls.

Each track on the album is immense and strong in its own right but the unbelievable guitar skill of Gus G adds that something special to give them a real kick. “Welcome To The Empire” starts proceedings with a nice guitar solo before the fun really begins with a thumping drum beat, heavy guitars, and bass with new vocalist Langhans putting in a stellar performance as the track winds down Gus G gives us a glimpse of what is to come on the album with a teasing solo. “Devour” continues the sonic bombardment with a great riff, pounding drums and bass as the vocals and harmonies click big time just a Gus G shreds big time as he runs the fretboard like a madman, a really cool track that is tough to beat.

“Rising Fire” snarls into life right from the off as Langhans goes big time on the vocals, so much so that you can feel the swagger come through the speakers, and Gus G gives as good as he gets dropping a little solo and some cool little riffs at the start while the drums again playing a massive part keeping a deadly rhythm going as Gus G melts faces with some more awesome guitar playing. “Break Away” is a speedy power track with some cool keyboards at the start that gives way to some brilliant riffs, a blasting drum beat and Langhans showing his considerable vocal talent and range as goes from hushed tones to snarled and all in between with Gus G ripping on the guitar. “Orbitual Sunrise” chugs into life with a grinding riff and tight bass line. Like most power metal bands there is always an opus type track on the album and this is it, even though it’s less than five minutes long it has it all, massive harmonies, big chorus’ even bigger vocals and a virtuoso performance from Gus G although the band as a whole play a blinder. “Longing To Know You” slows things down a bit with a strong power ballad that has a real polished silky sound. “Perfect Stranger” brings the in your face attitude with Langhans snarling and growling his way through the track as the drums pound through you with a thick heavy riff running throughout, a cracking track with another face melter from Gus G.

“Overdrive” has an old school rock feel, at times it even sounds like the great Ronnie James Dio himself is singing, it has everything keyboards, massive drums a buzzing bass, and even some Judas Priest style riffs, another track that just rawks. “All My Life” is another speedster that lights this album up with Gus G’s guitar playing and Langhans’ pipes, for someone who is making his debut on this album you certainly wouldn’t think it as he has seamlessly fit right in, as you play this album again and again this is a track that grows on you with every play. “Space Cowboy” keeps things trucking along nicely with a cool track that is filled with groovy riffs, drum beat, and a killer solo. “Kill The Pain” is an absolute beast from the start with a ripping solo and Langhans channeling his inner Lemmy, the drums and bass are on point and the riffs are killer, another solo for good measure is thrown in with an otherworldly vibe mixed in before Gus G brings it back to his normal million miles an hour running of the fretboard, your only complaint when the song finishes will be why is there no more.


Firewind is out 15th May everywhere via AFM Records and if you like your music fast and loud then don’t miss this!


‘Firewind’ tracklisting:
01. Welcome To The Empire
02. Devour
03. Rising Fire
04. Break away
05. Orbitual Sunrise
06. Longing To Know You
07. Perfect Stranger
08. Overdrive
09. All My Life
10. Space Cowboy
11. Kill The Pain

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Firewind are:

Gus G Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Petros Christodoulidis Bass, backing vocals

Johan Nunez Drums

Herbie Langhans Vocals 


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