I knew of Jas Morris before I actually know of FIREKIND as a band, via Instagram his guitar channel popped up on my feed and I was immediately sucked in by his sublime touch, tone, and technique. Fast forward a few months and FIREKIND come via the interweb for review, the guitar gods have aligned me thinks. So I was interested in seeing how Jas’ six-string adventures would translate into an album and it is here in What I Have Found Is Already Lost, the Deluxe Edition is released on Oct 30th and will no doubt go down a treat for everyone going through the Covid blues. 

The album’s opener ‘Adrenalin’ is a real banger, hits you right between the eyes with its gnarly opening it immediately demands your attention. Hefty riffage and Jas’ powerful vocals just bring a smile to your face. One thing you get right away is that FIREKIND has their own unique voice, they’re not riding anyone’s tails here, and much like another bitchin’ UK Rock trio RavenEye translate their years of experience into an individual sound, twisting and turning your head keeping you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. There’s a gritty, grungy vibe from their sound, polished in production but you know these songs are for the live stage, cutting through you like a hot knife through butter. ‘Sound Of Rain’ is another track with its highly melodic backbone offers you a sing-along chorus but equally musically is not your straight forward yawn-rested delivery, instead, the frantic pace of the chorus and battering the drums get with their intricate time changes showcase the musicality with this band beautifully. A tight unit brought to the fore through sublime songwriting and the first-class production allows you to fully immerse yourself in one of the best-kept secrets in UK Rock. 

For this one the guys enlisted Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey) recording at his home studio – Jas enthuses “Alain is an amazing man and created such a cool vibe for us the whole time, along with our friends there. We used Dave Grohl’s personal amps, a hybrid of Guns N’ Roses and Jason Bonham’s drum kits! It was so inspiring and pushed us on to give even more than we believed we had already.” You can tell Alain pushed the guys to their very limit, there are no punched held back here as the album delivers from start to finish, its a tough time for any band to knock out an album, 2020 is the cluster fuck of all cluster fuck’s especially for the creative community, but it is a real pleasure to have an album of this quality dropping when so many of us need something to cling onto to see us through to the end of a seriously challenging year. 

FIREKIND is a family affair of sorts, Jas and Dan Morris who produced the bonus album tracks, along with drummer Robin Shute are a formidable force, and this album certainly drives that home. A blistering collection of tracks that make their mark and then some, If you like me have been living under some kind of rock for the past while and have yet to experience FIREKIND in their full glory, well you now have your chance and no more excuses. 




OCT 30


  • 1
  • 2
    Rise Again
  • 3
    Sound Of Rain
  • 4
    If There’s Any Reason
  • 5
    Cry For Help
  • 6
  • 7
    Coming Out Alive
  • 8
    No Stone Unturned
  • 9
    These Are The Thoughts
  • 10
    What I Found Is Already Lost
  • 11
    It’s Not Over (Bonus)
  • 12
    Sound Of Rain (Acoustic Version)
  • 13
    Its Not Over (Acoustic Version)
  • 14
    Have I Been Living




You can catch our chat with Jas about the release here:



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