Finnish Progressive Rockers DEADGLOW Release MACHINE SKIN Album & THE LAST ONES Music Video

Finnish Progressive Rockers DEADGLOW Release MACHINE SKIN Album & THE LAST ONES Music Video

Deadglow has been hard at work recording their debut album MACHINE SKIN in a professional high-end studio in Finland using only high-quality analogue recording gear. They furthermore played as naturally as possible, to avoid fixing much afterwards.

Deadglow is a Progressive Rock / Alternative Metal trio from Oulu in Finland consisting of Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals), Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) and Juho Mikkonen (Drums).

The Deadglow sound is progressive and melodic, yet straightforward. You can hear echoes of Death, Judas Priest, Alice In Chains and Pink Floyd, whilst appealing to fans of TesseracT, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and Amorphis. The talented trio is inspired by 80s music, sounds, echoes, synths as well as Sci-fi and Horror movies and art.

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Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals)

Juho Mikkonen (Drums)

Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass)

Photo by Sami Perttunen


Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) shares that “I wanted to create music that I am really into, but instead of forming a band, I tried to look at Deadglow from a different viewpoint. I wrote some songs and booked a studio without any rehearsing for recording a single. After it worked out well, I decided to continue. I had plans to record stuff with different musicians, but things worked out so well that I had to cancel it. I think Deadglow is all about sound, echoes and making something that you love and like to listen to. Deadglow is only a year and a half old, but we have already 12 songs recorded and more to come!”

Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals) adds that “Simo needed a vehicle to release his music. He asked me to work with him on some songs, and then to join to add vocals to his new project. After the first recording session Juho Mikkonen joined the band on Drums. We have some friends helping us out on some tracks, but the three of us is Deadglow at the moment.”


Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) – “I have been playing guitar from the age of 14 and I have been writing music for years now. I played Hair Metal, Glam Rock and Grunge and toured for some time in Finland. When I write music, I am usually heavily inspired by something like I am living in a movie or in a certain atmosphere. It is the best way to get rid of reality.”

Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals) – “I have been singing my whole life and playing guitar from the teens. Mostly my bands have played slow acoustic songs, but Grunge and heavier music have always been what I love too. The last 5 years I’ve been singing a lot of rock in the bands. The music that Simo creates inspires me to write lyrics, and takes me to places, so it’s great to be part of the Deadglow. Simo is one hell of a guitar player and I like Juho’s hard hitting drumming.

Juho Mikkonen (Drums) – “I have been playing drums for 21 years with different bands. Styles have varied from Black Metal to Thrash Metal and then to Rock. Last year, Simo sent me a couple of demos and asked me if I was available to play drums. The demos hit me right away and they reminded me somehow of the music of my youth that I love. Besides musical talents, Simo and Jukka are also nice guys, so why would I not take the chance! I also play in a band called The Groupie High School and have my own firm.”


According to Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) “The inspiration came from the Stephen King novel ‘IT’ and means the glow you can see in the mouth of Pennywise when he prepares to eat!”


Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals) explains that “Simo first creates the music and then I write lyrics and vocal melodies that suits the music. Some songs sound dark and some lighter, so the lyrics also go through all kinds of emotions. I don’t really like to explain words too much, I hope they tell something to everyone. I know that I saw the album and single cover before all the lyrics were final, so that kind of also affected my writing. For some reason I was also reading a lot of dystopian books and watching TV series when writing.”


Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals) states that “The visual inspiration comes from Simo’s love of all kinds of classic Sci-fi and Horror. I think it’s all about the state of this world, humans will destroy all nature and eventually nature will have its revenge. Or the machines will get us… The look and the feel are dystopia, end of everything is sorrowful, but the new beginning will come, and it means also hope.”


Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) states that “To date we have done some killer tracks and hopefully we are doing some shows in the future. We have some demo-songs for our second album already. To do a live show with this type of band is a bit harder than with a normal Rock group e.g., in upcoming songs we must play with two different drum-sets, because there is so much to play. If you want to play that live, you basically need to have two drummers on the stage. It will be the most ambitious thing any of us has ever done.


Jukka Ruottinen (Vocals) explains “A lot of album promotion for our debut!”, whilst Simo Lukkari (Guitar & Bass) adds “Also creating a new and mind-blowing Concept Album!”

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