Segmentia is a Finnish pop metal act founded April 2019 at city of Seinäjoki. Now they have released their first EP Shanghai! The releases consists of six nuanced tracks that are packed with strong melodies, skilfull musicianship and vocals that create the recognizable sound of Segmentia.
Listen Shanghai:
The EP is released as a limited CD pressing and it’s also available on music services world wide.
The band also released their first music video to track iVORY tOWER.
Check the music video:
Order the CD:
Segmentia – Shanghai
Year: 2019
Genre: Pop Metal

1. iVORY tOWER 4:00
2. No Resistace 4:55
3. Silver Lining 3:50
4. Shanghai 3:51
5. Remedy 4:04
6. Dance 4:26

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