Finnish Crowen is set to release their debut EP

Finnish Crowen is set to release their debut EP

Crowen is a solo project of the guitarist singer and founder of Rain of Acid, Esa Uusimaa, formed in the beginning of 2019 in Espoo, Finland. The idea for the project was created by Uusimaa’s inspiration to mix metal music with industrial elements.

The band released their first single “In Arms” today via Inverse Records. The track is taken from the upcoming debut EP which is released on a later date.

Watch In Arms music video:

Esa Uusimaa comments:
“The first single of the upcoming EP. The structure of the song is striking and outright concise. The main idea is the overall feeling instead of technical gimmicks. In the middle section, there’s a spirit of “battle” that leads to deeper waters. Some of the song’s riffs have been worked on for a long time before reaching their final form. That results to a song that is both nice to play and listen to.”

The recordings as well as the mixing, mastering and producing were all made during 2019 – 2020, in Esa Uusimaa’s studio, on the Tampere – Espoo axis.

Future plan is to do gigs after the release of the EP, if the corona situation allows, and new music is constantly being worked on.

Esa Uusimaa – Vocals, Guitars
Aki Örni – Bass
Teemu Hauta – Drums
Mira Cibulka – Feature Vocals


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