Finland’s stoner rockers THERMATE premiere brand new single ‘Godspeed’!
New album due out next Friday, May 10th on Argonauta Records!



Finland, usually home of the darkest arts in metal and, THERMATE. The heavy fuzz and stoner rockers are set to release their hotly anticipated debut album, Redshift City, on May 10th with Argonauta Records. Redshift City is featuring 6 tracks full of blistering and distorted 70’s heavy metal-sounds refined with the glory of classic 90’s stoner rock. Only a few days left until its official album release, THERMATE are now sharing with us a second single to the track Godspeed!

“Godspeed was one of the first songs composed for the album.“ the band explains. “It starts with a fast groove that really gets you pumped up! Subsequently, the song takes a surprise turn into an atmospheric interlude, that simply makes you float through cosmos. The lyrics deal with the journeys into the unknown, that we have to face alone.

‘Godpeed’ is fast, slow, heavy, calm, fuzzy… it’s everything we love! ”

Get the rock love and check out THERMATE’s Godspeed right HERE!



Album tracklist:
1. Eyes of Jupiter
2. Godspeed
3. Soliloquy
4. Kaleidoscop
5. Greener Pastures
6. 100 Years

Listen to THERMATE’s first single and album opening track, Eyes of the Jupiter, HERE!

With a release date set for May 10th on Argonauta Records, the LP and CD pre-order is now available at:

Arthur Thure – Vocals
Mikko Väätäinen – Guitar
Juuso Honkanen – Guitar
Jere Tirkkonen – Bass
Kimmo Partanen – Drums

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