Finland’s One Hidden Frame Release New Single “Run To The Rescue With Love”

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Finland’s One Hidden Frame Release New Single “Run To The Rescue With Love”

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Finland’s One Hidden Frame join the Thousand Islands Records roster. A new LP titled ‘I Am Not Here’ is coming soon (the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Harmful Content’, but to tide fans over until then, they’ve released a brand new single “Run To The Rescue With Love”, out today on all streaming platforms.

The band calls the track, “An anthem for people who work for a sustainable world, but still feel guilty of not doing enough. It is important that you try, but within the limits of your mental health. Encourage each other and treat other life forms with empathy and good things will happen eventually. Long walks are made of small steps.”

Stream “Run To The Rescue With Love” HERE:

The single and upcoming album are being released via Thousand Islands Records (Norrth and South Americas) and Lockjaw Records (UK/EU).

Run To The Rescue With Love

About One Hidden Frame:

One Hidden Frame was established in 2002 in Lappeenranta, South East Finland, close to the Russian border. Bowing down to the direction of Bad Religion, Propagandhi and Adhesive, their main focus was to create energetic melodic punk rock, spiced with melancholy and aggression and meaningful lyrics towards a more solidary world.

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