Finding September Ends Toxic Relationships with New Single “Fools Gold”


Passion fuels innovation and the passion burns like a roaring fire within the San Antonio-based quartet Finding September. Their high-octane alternative/pop punk fusion is on full display with the release of their latest in-your-face single, “Fools Gold.” The song debuted early via Idobi Radio.

The track’s lyrics were penned over a year ago, but it wasn’t until recently that frontwoman Emily Bayardo felt she was in the right headspace to deliver the words. “The song was written when I was in a semi-depressive state,” says Bayardo. “I was in a very toxic relationship where I was so conflicted between leaving and staying. Part of me was so caught up in the past and wanted to leave, but I continued to cling to the memories. The other part of me was ready to move on and start living for myself. The song is describing that internal struggle I endured.

Fools Gold

video by: JKL Productions

The track creeps in like a pair of footsteps before it kicks down the door with loud guitars and a feisty beat. As the song picks up, you can almost imagine someone in a dark bedroom, manically stripping down photos and memories from their walls and readying themselves for a cathartic new beginning.

Finding September began creating their pop-thrashing sound in 2018 with the release of their debut EP History. The record featured a myriad of influences and sounds ranging from pop, punk, R&B, metal and beyond, laying the groundwork for what’s to come next. The tight-knit group is rounded out by the speedy drumming of Jayden Mermella, the versatile guitar work of Josh Gomez, and the four string thunder of bassist Graham Butler.

Listen to “Fools Gold” now on Spotify.


a thrill-ride from beginning to end
Substream Magazine

…the band has a commercial appeal a la Paramore that no label should overlook.
Music Connection

Their brand of pop punk brings different flavors to the mix and allows them to create some separation from other bands in the genre by establishing a distinct foundation.

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