“Completely brilliant” Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music)

After two raw and sensitive rock/garage EPs hailed by both French and international press, French alt-rock band Film Noir have released their debut album “PALPITANT” today.


The band’s first full-length collection features previous singles ‘Narcisse’, ‘Erotica’ and ‘Bad Omens’ as well as new delights ‘I Will Rise’, ‘Circus’ and ‘Histoire d’un soir’. PALPITANT has been three years in the making, a long-awaited debut marking the start of a new and exciting chapter for Film Noir. 


Sung majorly in the band’s native French, the album carries a level of fascinating mystic. ‘Erotica’ is a darkly comical chronicle of the wanderings of a woman at night, while ‘Narcisse’ tells the story of a sentimental Jack the Ripper with a definitive swagger. The tracks make up stories laced in fantasy – some extreme (‘The End’ detailing the ramblings of a man in a cell), some true to life (‘Pen Palpitant’ depicting the excitement and trappings of digital love in the age of Covid and lockdowns). While many tracks delve into a dark side of the world, ‘Bad Omens’, the album’s English track, is a romantic take on the idea of gambling your life away, while ‘More’ is the story of re-inventing yourself after a break-up.


‘PALPITANT’, (literally meaning ‘Palpitating’, a french proverb used to describe a thrilling sensation) was recorded in South London during 10 days of quarantine living. Produced by Jamie Neville and Ben Romans-Hopcraft, as well as contributions from the likes of Fontaines D.C.’s Carlos O’Connell,  Orla Carey, Dan Carey’s 17 year old prodigy daughter and Daft Punk collaborator Antoine ‘Chab’ Chabert, it is the album of a band that has been on stages around the world for three years, with months spent shaping this disc rehearsal after rehearsal before recording it in one live take. 


A compilation of vivid short stories that pull you into an alluring fantasy, each song draws on cinematic imagery and a wealth of characters experiencing a situation of crisis; exploring and celebrating their grand gesture within it. With inspirations ranging from Gogol’s surreal short stories to the violence and passion of Greek mythological figures, Film Noir takes punk to fictional heights with darkly tales that need to be heard. 


After the release of their debut EP ‘Vertiges Men of Glory’ in 2019 which saw the band tour Europe and the US, the band released their follow up EP ‘Tendrement’ in 2020. Praised for their thespian lyricism and visceral rock, Film Noir’s music earning props from the likes of La Femme, Fontaines D.C and Lauren Laverne who recently added previous single ‘Erotica’ to the BBC 6 Music playlist. The band have also recently supported Fontaines D.C at their show in Lyon, France.


Film Noir are comprised of siblings Joséphine and Alexandre de la Baume (vocals/guitar), Martin Rocchia (guitar) and Victor Le Dauphin (bass). 


Palpitant tracklisting:

1. Pen Palpitant

2. Narcisse

3. Histoire d’un soir

4. Erotica

5. I Will Rise

6. Circus

7. Poison

8. Bad Omens

9. Prends La Pierre

10. Ruins Of A City


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