Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review
Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review9
Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review9
Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review9
Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review9
Fetor / Crepitation - Onset Of Horrendosity - Split EP Review9
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What could be better than a release by one of the heavy weights in the Brutal Death Metal scene, a split with two Slamming Brutal Death / Grind bands, and here we have it to welcome in 2019 in fantastic style.

Fetor are a Polish 4 piece that have a number of releases under their belt and bring their single ‘Killing Her Softly’ to the release both in studio and live formats with the studio version being up first.

As soon as the track starts, the level of brutality is realised, with guttural vocals and heavy slams, mixed with high intensity guitar work and rapid-fire drums, the production is clean so the technicality and can be heard throughout.

The live version begins with a sample to introduce the track to the crowd before the track is relived in its live and possibly more brutal state. The vocals sound more aggressive and the tightness of the band in its live mould is highly impressive.

Both versions of the track are heavy as fuck and rather brilliant.

Next up are Crepitation, a band who I have followed for a while, with their fun-loving brand of Slamming Brutality that has led them around the globe entertaining the masses.

Their first offering on the album is ‘Archaeological Clacker Valve’ utilising a daft sample to welcome us before the ridiculously brutal and brilliant Crep sound smashes your eardrums, with extreme grind influences, the bree sounds and the slams hit.

‘Perpetrators of Pre-Pubescent Porta-Potty Poo Pipe Punishment’ arrives next, with more brutality, bree’s and the added joys of the wobbly vocal. Utter genius. The musicality is top drawer and the band are so tight throughout the musical madness.

‘Antiques Chodeshow’ closes the five track split and is as brutal as the others, however throw in some machine gun beats matched by ridiculously fast guitars this is a beast of a track to close the split.

This is a must for any fan of Brutal Death Metal, as the fun meets slam and creates a wondrously disgusting yet very pleasing sound that will raise a smile to any person into the more underground and extreme side of music.


Ed Ford

Onset of Horrendisity is released January 25th 2019 via Deformeathing Productions



Track List


  1. Killing Her Softly
  2. Killing Her Softly (Live in Chorzów 2018)


  1. Archaeological Clacker Valve Array
  2. Perpetrators of Pre-Pubescent Porta-Potty Poo Pipe Punishment
  3. Antiques Chodeshow





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