// BLAME //
        “Blame” is the brand new single release from the modern hard rock band Feral Sun.
The track is inspired by dealing with living in a broken family environment, and what children go through with the constant battle of parents fighting, and passing “BLAME”
 The single is part of the up and coming ep release from the band, and through these tracks, the band wanted to let people know they are not alone in daily life struggles.
Blame will be accompanied by a lyric video on release day

Drawing from the inspirational powers of Stone Sour, Seether, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, and armed with colossal riffs, soaring melodies and raw emotion, ‘Feral Sun’ are part of the new wave of hard-hitting British Rock bands.

Soon after perfecting their live set, the band started to play throughout their local/regional U.K. territory and swiftly earned a hefty reputation by delivering a series of stunning live performances as a headliner and special guest artist to sold-out audiences.



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