Fences // Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble // EP Review


Fences (Christopher Mansfield) is a quandary to me, if you saw him in the street you would most likely think you are going to be robbed, but take a listen to his whimsical and ethereal, beautifully crafted songwriting and you’ll soon find out there is so much more to this curious character than meets the eye. 

Fences drops his latest offering ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ Friday, April 30th via Enci Records. On hearing the EP’s opening track you are immediately transported into a soft, elegant and comforting environment as the melodies ebb and flow across the room, finding yourself in a calmer more sedate state of mind. What more could you ask for right now? In a world that seems intent on tearing itself apart, we all need something to help centre us and guide us out of these uncertain times. ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ is just that, simplistic in so many ways, only five tracks in its entirety but it speaks volumes without even raising its voice. 

Once in a while, you are lucky to find a gem and for me, Fences is just that, an artist we should all be aware of, whom we all need in our lives and will no doubt wonder where have you been all my life? Fences has been on my radar for a while, posting press and watching as the hype has grown and understandably, as with every release we are all awakening to his craft and personal and individual approach to songwriting. 

At only five tracks the EP is over all too soon, ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ will brighten up your day, embrace it and take it in track by track.


New EP ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ Out On April 30th Via EncI Records







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Fences // Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble // EP Review