Fences Announces New EP Release ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ Out April 30th

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Fences Announces EP Release ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ Out April 30


New Single + Video “Boot Height” Now Streaming

Watch Fences Live at Paste Studio on the Road: LA

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Photo: Adam DeGross

Seattle native FENCES, the alter-ego of musician/songwriter Christopher Mansfield has released a brand-new track ‘Boot Height’ via ENCI. The song appears on his just-announced new EP ‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ set for release on April 30. Fences released his first new LP in 5 years – the critically-acclaimed ‘Failure Sculptures’ – late in 2019, followed by a Deluxe version of the album that dropped earlier this year.

Of “Boot Height” Mansfield says, “I was on a four-wheeler once after a friend had died. I rode it to the top of a hill and I saw an elk and steam came out of his nose. When he noticed the hum of my engine his eyes widened and I never forgot that.

Clearly animals are a great analogy for love and death and the middle part of human experience. The EP feels like this. It was made quickly and with no intention other than to fill the room with something beautiful. It was myself and Dru and Adam. I remember laughter after tracking certain parts. It was a joy, truly. The EP is the middle part and the steam. The elk. ‘Boot Height’ however is the beginning before the beginning. The past life. A love so bold that it transfers. Like when your grandmother comes back as a hummingbird.

The first video for the EP was done by two beautiful artists in New York City. We found some magic in a bicoastal sense that I never really have done before and it gives me more of an acceptance of modern technology. You can see their hands and see the wall being broken. Nothing is a lie. It’s all trying and so are we.”




Video by Not Here https://www.not-here.info​

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“Boot Height” Official Video


Fences recently performed an intimate live set for Paste Magazine at Los Angeles’ The Hotel Cafe which is now streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=023R7LR6caw&t=78s.

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‘Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble’ Cover Art

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“Boot Height” Cover Art

Praise for Fences:

“…further testament to Christopher Mansfield’s deeply emotional and expressive song-writing. Writers such as Mansfield remind us that pop can still be spiritual, sublime, its expressive qualities capable of elevating the spirits and challenging our preconceptions about art of any kind.”- PopMatters

“We were friends before we made any music together,” we have a lot of things in common – our vices and our demons and our art, the things that we’re good at and our shortcomings.” – Macklemore

“Don’t let the fact that he looks like an extra from Sons Of Anarchy fool you because Chris Mansfield is a pretty sensitive dude. He doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter, so he’s infinitely more productive and prolific than you are. Sorry.”- Noisey

“…alongside down-and-out saints with vigour like Townes Van Zandt, Elliott Smith and The Cure, Mansfield sears vivid scenes rooted in hardship, drinking, despair and fear of losing love into the psyche…..yet at all times he does so with a hand on his pop pistol, ready to blast completely into smithereens what, on paper, would look like just another hushed singer-songwriter on a downer” –Drowned In Sound

“As an artist, Mansfield is comfortable in many lanes. He can croon with an acoustic or glide on a house beat or singe on a hip-hop track hook. His talent is malleable…”- American Songwriter

“The artistic alter ego for Seattle-based musician and songwriter Christopher Mansfield, Fences’ folk music is heartrending and raw” – Atwood Magazine

“Haunting in its simplicity…teeming with emotionally charged inflections reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard.”- Earmilk

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