Flawless Carbon are a modern blues-rock band proud of their roots in the Kentish countryside, but it’s their adoration of American blues and a lust for the stadium heights of the big city that really sets them apart. Meticulously crafting their own distinct musical style over the years, the four-piece combines influences from pioneering artists on both sides of the Atlantic into a unique sound which is its most realised on the forthcoming EP Back Streets and White Lies (released today: June 29th).

Flawless Carbon, at the heart, take influence from classic rock giants and blues pioneers but Back Streets and White Lies sees the band utilising their love of more contemporary artists such as Royal BloodKaleoThe Pretty Reckless and Beth Hart to simultaneously push boundaries and produce their most direct sound to date. The title track and lead single is a demonstration of their innovative sound – a door-busting guitar riff leads the way for pounding drums, thumping bass and soaring, gritty vocals. This is stadium-ready rock and aptly so, as the band are at home on live stages.

Bringing a contagious electricity to festivals and venues alike and following appearances at festivals across the UK, becoming regulars on London’s most prestigious club circuits, Flawless Carbon has been making a name for themselves on stages around the country and don’t intend on slowing down: “Everyone comes alive on stage and that feeling is so infectious, you just want to do it again and again and again. It’s what feeds us to take this even further” – Lauren Diamond, Vocals.

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