Female Fronted Rock Powerhouse – Shake the Geek – Stopped By Rock ‘N’ Load World HQ To Talk New Single – ‘Breathe On My Own’

So for anyone unfamiliar with Shake The Geek, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

Ella Crossland, Finn McAuley and Freedom Wall essentially spent most of our musical journeys jamming, gigging and growing together as musicians before officially forming Shake the Geek. After trouble finding a full time bass player, Fletch stepped into the picture and the Shake The Geek you are reading about today was born.

Now, 3 singles deep, we have crafted a mature sound that represents our determination both collectively and individually, which is heard for the first time in Breathe On My Own. Making the use of no gigs and pretty much nothing to do, we all got together as soon as possible when lockdown started to ease and went through our set with a fine comb. The ‘new’ shake the geek is more electric and fierce than ever with a bucket load of new originals in the works.

‘Shake the Geek are a female fronted rock powerhouse filled with both retro-curiosity and fierce stadium-worthy electricity. Known for their bewitching live performances, the band’s charismatic chemistry on and off stage captivates their audience with a hypnotic force. In their evergrowing set of originals, each song is perfectly brewed in a concoction of glam-nasty riffs and soulfully distinctive vocals, strengthened by the gutsy undercurrent of the power driven rhythm section.’

‘Ella, Finn, Freedom and Fletch are a group of goonies who grew up by the sea and have embraced this into their music and lifestyle. Their series, OUT WITH THE GEEKS, on YouTube gives you a taste of what they get up to when they’re not making sweet music.

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 What’s Happening Now?: Tell us about what you are currently up to.


We’ve just released our new single Breathe On My Own TODAY! (5th Sep) Attached is the press release and EPK with promo materials and links!

Breathe On My Own Music Video: https://youtu.be/MmZiv3W32DY

On the 5th of September 2020, Shake The Geek released the highly awaited single Breathe On My Own into the crazy world we’re all living in.

Breathe On My Own is a riff packed and courageous and bodacious expression of originality, encapsulating feelings of passion, strength and overcoming times of struggle. Kicking off this release on the 5th of September, Shake The Geek will be releasing their gutsy video exclusively on YouTube, before it appears on streaming platforms in the days that follow. This video showcases a fierce young woman full of swagger and fearlessness, living out her wildest dreams. BOMO was recorded with Ben Green at Studio 54 in Exeter and the video that forms the focal point of this release was filmed and coordinated by James Fidge of YeahDawgie Productions.

Inspired by the likes of the Foo Fighters and The Band Of Skulls this song has been crafted with high energy, pumping choruses paired contrastingly with more mellow and groovy, hip-hop inspired verses. Ella’s angelic vocals and dynamic melody move perfectly with the 4 chords played by an atmospheric Gibson ES335 drenched in reverb.  The song really spreads its wings when a double time section kicks in with a Rage Against The Machine-esque guitar solo that lifts the song to another level.

Since lockdown put a hold to what normally keeps these four goonies busy, Ella, Free, Finn and Fletch have been vlogging their days on the Northern coastline of Devon. 

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How was your lockdown experience, did you take time to reset or get creative, write, and throw yourself into your craft?

We got really creative and as mentioned above, spent loads of time writing new songs and really thinking about how we want to take on the industry coming out of the pandemic. Writing over Zoom was an interesting new process, but with more time to reflect and heightened emotions during lockdown, we produced some new tracks that might not have been written in other circumstances.


How do you see the music industry adapting coming out off the back of COVID-19?

It’s definitely an industry that will and already has started to change. Everything is going to be way more online and we all are going to need to adapt to this – even the fans. We can’t see ‘old school’ intimate, close gigs happening until there’s a vaccine or cure to be honest. The governments don’t even want bands to tour socially distanced, because they think it promotes cross country traveling and interaction! We all heard about the Live Nation drive-in tours being canceled! There’s a petition going round for the government to introduce a Gig Out Help Out scheme – similar to the eat out help out – where the Government would pay up to £10 of a ticket for everyone to encourage the music industry to get back to a sustainable level when gigs are fully allowed to be reintroduced into society.


What do you this is needed to support up-and-coming bands like yourselves to ensure longevity in the industry and creatives alike?

We feel the general public need to support their up and coming bands, otherwise there won’t be the next Led Zepplin or Oasis etc. They all started with no fans and only a few people coming to gigs, people don’t realise how much good a simple like and share can do for bands like us!


 What can we expect from Shake The Geek moving into 2021?

Lots more like Breathe On My Own. We are spending more time in London trying to get shows & showcases in front of the “right people”. We’re going to release loads more music and hopefully play loads more all over the country! At the end of the day, we all do this because of the ultimate buzz we get from playing live and if we can do that every weekend to packed out venues all singing along then there’s not much more we can wish for! We really appreciate all the support that Rock & Load and other magazines are giving us and can’t thank everyone enough.


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