Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review
Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review7
Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review7
Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review7
Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review7
Fearrage - Songs From The Sorrow - EP Review7
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Finnish band Fearrage have released their follow up to the previous releases – EP Resistance from 2016 and single release ‘Exterminate’ from 2017 – with vocalist Jusha Virkamäki stating Songs From The Sorrow is a raw display of modern thrash metal with a fistful of grove. Songs tells about suffering and devastation”

The 4 track EP opens with ‘The Day When Sun Fell Down’ which begins with a peaceful intro before a pacey beat and groove laden instrumental begins, to be matched with a gravelly barked style vocal. Throw in some smouldering solos and tasty riffs, this is a good opening to the EP.

Next up is ‘Your Demise’ which sounds more Thrashy, with a growly vocal that takes on the pace f the track, a chunky hook along with some fast-fingered fret work and a beefy bass line, this again is a solid track which gets the head nodding and foot tapping.

‘Only Affliction’ is the penultimate track, following a similar sound as the previous tracks, the hook certainly grabs you and takes it grip. The vocal is rough, the pace varies between Thrash and Metal, with some Melodic sections and an overall Heavy Rock feel.

‘Those Who Do Not Remember the Past’ closes the EP with its heavy melodies, crashing drums, soulfully pained vocal and grippingly dramatic riffs, which as they fade out continue to sound in your ear.

The 4 tracks are well made and enjoyable whilst being heavy and melodic. The production is clean, ensuring the full sound can be appreciated by the listener. The music created by Fearrage may not be anything new however they do what they do very well. With their sound they will draw comparisons to the likes of Trivium however that is not bad thing. The bar is set high and Fearrage are on the way to making their own waves.


Songs From The Sorrow was released December 28th 2018 via Inverse Records.


Track Listing

  1. The Day When Sun Fell Down
  2. Your Demise
  3. Only Affliction
  4. Those Who Do Not Remember The Past






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