Fearrage released Songs from the Sorrow EP!
Promo pic: Jari Hakala (free to publish) 
Finnish thrash/groove metal band Fearrage release their new EP ‘Songs From The Sorrow’ on December 28th 2018 via Inverse Records.
Vocalist/guitarist Juha Virkamäki comments:
“Today is the day! It took a while making this release so we really look forward to the fans feedback from ‘Songs from the Sorrow’ EP. ‘
Fearrage is founded in 2014 and they have released on EP ‘Resistance’ (2016) and single ‘Exterminate’ (2017)

Watch music video for ‘Your Demise’

Track list:
01. ​The Day when Sun Fell Down
02. Your Demise
03. Only Affliction
04. Those who do not remember the past

Model in the EP cover: Laura Åkerman
Photographer: Biitujumi Photography/Kaisa Söderman

EP cover:: Juha Virkamäki 
Juha Virkamäki – Vocals,Guitar
Severi Osala – Guitar
Lassi Mäkelä – Bass
Markus Kuula – Drums

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