Fear Of Falling // Turning Point // Album Review


Following on from their debut ep in May South African rockers Fear Of Falling release their first full length offering “Turning Point” on the 3rd of December. Considering that the band formed in early 2021 the ep and album are both equally surprising and excellent, hard rock at its finest with a little bit of heaviness thrown in. Opening track “Drive” starts out slowly with a nice mellow beat that blows up into a soaring chorus with a killer drum beat, the song breaks down around the two-minute mark where it takes a heavier darker tone and the intensity ramps up big time with Atlantic putting in a monster vocal performance. “Faded” rises and falls like the sea, with a distorted opening that gives way to a calm and softish verse which then kicks it up a notch once the chorus hits, a monster drum beat is a lynchpin on the track as it runs throughout the track to devastating effect, a cracking track. “Falling” has a groovy feel to it with some funky riffs, a big slapping bassline and thumping drums, with Atlantic’s smooth vocals this is one of the best tracks on the album as the groove and heaviness mesh brilliantly. “Won’t Let Go” has a faster tempo with a more radio-friendly feel that is sure to be a massive hit, cutting riffs and pounding drums set it up nicely while Atlantic once again blows you away with his vocals, this is a killer track that will make people sit up and take notice of the. “Sunrise” is a power ballad with heavy acoustic guitars, a reserved but strong drum beat and a stunning vocal performance from Atlantic. “Breaking Me Down” turns the heat up back up with a drum and bass-driven rocker, a fast heavy hitter with a serious punch, my favourite track on the album. “Hate” is without a doubt the heaviest track on the album, opening like a death metal track with grinding riffs and pummeling drums that switches to a Puddle Of Mud alt style track all the while keeping the heaviness bubbling underneath ready to unleash at each chorus, a banging track. “Fake It” blasts into life in a hail of distortion and menace that gives way to Atlantic’s spoken vocals as the music becomes slightly muted, as the track progress the power and intensity return with killer riffs, pounding drums and heavy bass, the more you listen to the album the better this track gets, a classic. “End Of Days” has a fragmented metalcore feel to it as it swings back and forth between angsty rock and melancholy giving you a serious earworm.

“Home” closes an epic album with a ballad that once again showcases the band’s ability to cut it up between balls-out rock and a softer gentler side, this is a stunning way to finish off the album.

 “Turning Point” is out on the 3rd of December, this is incredible and highly recommended

Review: Conor



Turning Point Tracklist:

1. Drive – ISRC QZNWT2133682
2. Faded – ISRC QZNWT2133683
3. Falling – ISRC QZNWT2133684
4. Won’t Let Go – ISRC QZNWT2133685
5. Sunrise – ISRC QZNWT2133686
6. Breaking Me Down – ISRC QZNWT2133687
7. Hate I- SRC QZNWT2133688
8. Fake It – ISRC QZNWT2133689
9. End Of Days – ISRC QZNWT2133690
10. Home – ISRC QZNWT2133691


Fear Of Falling is:

Jack Atlantic                         Vocals

Lloyd Timke                         Guitars

Brendon McCaig                 Bass

Dale Schnettler                   Drums




Fear Of Falling // Turning Point // Album Review
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