Fear of Domination release new single ’Amongst Gods’!

Fear of Domination release new single ’Amongst Gods’!

Fear of Domination are known for their energetic approach and impressive visual performances Finnish seven-piece serves their industrial-flavored metal with a healthy side of crazy, cooking up a chaotically beautiful tour de force both on stage and record. With their elaborate stage personae and frenetic brand of modern metal, Fear of Domination is on a mission to break boundaries of what can or should be done, and – of course – conquer the world while doing so. Today the band released the first gloomy-groovy new song titled ‘Amongst Gods’from the upcoming album!

Listen to the new single ‘Amongst Gods’ now here: https://outofline.lnk.to/DarkNHeavy 

Keyboardist Lasse Raelahti states about the new track and the songwriting process:

“Our new single ‘Amongst Gods’’ was one of the first songs I composed for the sixth album of Fear of Domination. I’ve always been fond of mixing straight and triplet rhythms so that was where I started with this progressive-djenty headspace. The chorus is a deep respectful bow for J.S. Bach’s use of chordal harmony and that might be the reason why both synth and vocal melodies and harmonies came to be this massive almost by themselves!”

The song ‘Amongst Gods’ reflects the soundscape of the new and upcoming Fear of Domination album. Aggressive, gloomy, and yet groovy, “a completely new but recognizable FoD is coming up!”, rejoices drummer Miikki Kunttu, “in fact, ‘Amongst Gods’ was one of my favorite songs already at the demo stage, even though the drum arrangements composed by Lasse were terrifying at first. The kick drum follows the synth arpeggio in the beginning of the song, and it really challenged me as a drummer. That’s also why I didn’t want to change anything because it really made the best impact on the song”.

“The sixth album has been on its way even before the COVID-19 outbreak. In a way, this global situation with lockdowns and everything has given us time to really take FoD sounds and the band image to a new level. The album was recorded in the fall of 2020 and we are super excited to get it out there!”, adds singer Sara about the process of making the new album, which is planned to be released via Out Of Line Music in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA. The music video for the first single ‘Amongst Gods’ can be viewed here from this Thursday, February 18 onwards.

Fear of Domination are:

Sara Strömmer – Vocals
Saku Solin – Vocals
Johannes Niemi – Guitar
Jan-Erik Kari – Guitar
Lauri Ojanen – Bass
Lasse Raelahti – Synths and programming
Miikki Kunttu – Drums


FoD online:

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