After months of hard work, Swiss heavy-rock/stoner/noise/grunge/punk duo FAT WANG (with members of local bands Dunwitch and Soda Machine) just announced the released of its debut album called ‘Guru’ and coming out on physical/digital edition on Cold Smoke Records (Bunkr, Hey Satan, Ogmasun, The Burden Remains) and the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify…).

In the meantime, as first audio glance from this upcoming effort, the band just premiered a first single called “Liars” and available right now on SoundCloud.

Stream the single “Liars”
…For the record…

Loud Heavy Rock duo from Switzerland, mixing loud distored guitar & hard hitting drum riffs, FAT WANG is great in the art of making you wake up with a big buzzing in your ears that will last 2 weeks. A shitload of amps for a fuckton of noise.

Playing together since 2017, the two Swiss rockers quickly recorded a debut effort called ‘If You’re Thirsty, Suck A…’ released digitally on Bandcamp, the band is about to give birth to its first album planned on Spring 2019.

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