Fast Rising Alt-Rockers ZILCH Share Their Influences Exclusively With Rock ‘N’ Load

Fast-rising alt-rockers ZILCH have just dropped their killer new single and video, Misgiven – . The track is brimming with influences and with that in mind, we asked the Cal, Crag and Thom from the band to exclusively reveal their top tracks:

Cal (bass): “Violent Soho – Blanket:

Violent Soho are rad. This is one of their more up-tempo songs. The intro build up is cool and the chorus is massive and hooky. They use a lot of dynamics in their songs for impact which is something we do a lot. Luke Henery’s bass lines in the chorus pedal the tune on well and I love the note selection.

Metz – Acetate:

Metz are the ideal level of frantic for me. They create a massive sound as a three piece which is something we try to do as well as we can. The bass tone on this track is filthy, the drums are pounding, and the guitars are roaring and screaming. What’s not to love from an alt/noise rock song?”.

Crag (drums):

“Tool – The Pot:

Danny Carey’s style of playing in the way he utilises the Tom’s is something I take great influence in when it comes to writing parts for zilch. The bass and drum pocket are also one of the best.

QOTSA – Song for the Dead:

It has Dave Grohl on drums. It’s heavy hitting. It’s loud. It’s got great pace and drum fills. People have told me I’m one of the hardest hitters they’ve ever seen behind the kit. Well. Credit is to this band not only because of Dave Grohl but every other drummer they’ve had.”

Thom (vocals & guitar):

“Mudhoney – Suck You Dry:

I think it just embodies everything I love in dirty rock music: fuzzy guitars, frantic drums, grinding bass and sleazy, screamy vocals.
I mean, we have our melodic moments, but so much of my drive comes from music like this.

Pixies – I’ve Been Tired:

The dynamics of the song, the off-beat, weird lyrics and the simplicity of the structure make for such a raw and compelling performance, in my opinion.
If I could write a song half as good as anything by Pixies, I’d be happy.”





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