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I’m a fashion designer and have my own womenswear line. Fashion for me is an outlet of endless possibilities. Since the beginning of my brand, I knew I wanted to incorporate music into what I did. I worked on original songs for my runway shows and short films with film composer S. Peace Nistades. With each project I felt the desire of writing and producing my own songs grow. Adding singer/songwriter to what I do was nerve wracking, not knowing how people would react or if it would harm the image of my fashion brand. The more I worked on my songs, the more I knew this was the right step. With my music I can tap into more of a fantasy esque world. I try to create a whole world that can be experienced in different ways. I like to think of it as almost an escapism.


About You: 

For any of our readers who are unfamiliar with yourself tell us a little bit about your band/project. 

My songs are a blend of 80’s/dream pop, synth-based, and rock with a cinematic flare. 

What was your earliest memory of music that piqued your interest? 

Some of my early memories include Queen. My parents are big fans and would play them all the time. The first time I really heard, The Show Must Go On, I felt an immediate connection to the lyrics. I found it terribly sad yet beautiful and it made me want to reach people in a similar way. I’m also a big Disney fan, so another musical memory that connected me to music was Belle’s song. I felt like those lyrics were written just for me and I wanted to find my adventure. 

Who was the first album/single you purchased? 

Hahaha I think it might have been a Disney compilation album. Just putting it out there, I kill at Disney Trivia! 

When did you first pick up your respective instrument / or start singing? 

As far back as I can remember I was always singing and making up little songs. In my family both of my great-grandmothers were singers, so anytime someone shows an interest in singing they encourage it. 

What route did you take with your music/instrument/lessons/music school / self-taught and any fond memories of that journey? 

I took voice lessons when I was little, and I was in my school’s choir for a few years. The choir was fun, being surrounded by other kids who felt the same way about music was so encouraging. I chose to pursue my studies in fashion design over music, so during that time I neglected my voice. It wasn’t until I enrolled into the Musicians Institute in LA that I got back into proper training. Music school is such a tight knit community, we were a family and still are. We had access to the recording studios throughout the night. Taking a break from the studio usually meant going into someone else’s studio and just play around. That playing around usually resulted in a new song. 

Who was your hero’s as a young musician that inspired and pushed you to want to be a musician too? 

David Bowie is one of my heroes. He was always reinventing himself and creating new characters. Everything about him had a purpose. 

Is there one particular album or song that gave you a “Eureka” moment from your youth that made you want to be a musician? 

Discovering Serge Gainsbourg’s songs and style of composing sparked my need to want to write music. Je t’aime Moi Non Plus is such a pretty song but created such a scandal when it was released. It is innocence mixed with seduction. 

What was the best gig you’ve ever attended? 

I have to say Andrea Bocelli, because I cried through the whole concert. It was so beautiful; I could not contain all the emotions I experienced hearing and watching his performance. 

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? 

I have a couple guilty pleasures. I love lofi hip hop! It helps me concentrate when I’m working and need to zone all other distractions out. I also love to listen to anime openings and autotuned Youtubers like Jontron’s Titenic song. 

About Now: 

So any new music in the works currently or just released? 

I just released my debut ep titled Cannibal. I had written songs before, which were influenced by 70’s French pop, but working on this ep I finally found my own unique sound. I took inspiration from Blade Runner, Los Angeles in the 70’s, 80’s pop, and anime. 

Where and when did you record it? 

I recorded it in Los Angeles and released it on November 2019. 

How does the songwriting process generally work for you? 

Lyrics typically come first for me. It starts off as a journal entry and I keep writing until I run out of words.  After I have a few lines that I like, I create a beat and work on the melody. I’m a visual person and I think in concepts, although I don’t like to force anything. Depending on the mood that the songs are creating, the concept might change. 

What route have you taken to build up and establish a fan base locally & beyond your local area? 

Well that’s the fun part. I primarily have taken the social media route, because I work on creating content that includes videos, styling, clothing, accessories, photography, graphic design and illustrations. It takes time to prep, produce, and edit, so releasing via social media lets me stay connected even when I’m cooped away working on multiple projects. 

What is the music scene like locally to you and where do you fit in? 

Because I also do fashion, I try to combine showcasing the two together. I just recently had my EP release party, which was set in a castle-like house in the Hollywood Hills. I had my fashion campaign on display and dancers in my designs doing a performance piece to one of my songs. We ended the night with my band and I doing a live show with the new songs and a few of my older French songs. I try to think outside the box to present my band. Los Angeles is such an eclectic mix of artists. It seems like there is a gig happening every day, which is an amazing thing to be a part of, but it can also be hard to stand out amongst so many bands coming out daily. 


Do you feel there are enough venues around you to help promote and establish up and coming bands like yourself? 

Yes! There are so many venues here that really help promote emerging artists. You can plan a good circulation among the venues and it usually leads to bigger gigs if done right. 

What would you like to see ideally to help hard-working bands/artists get better exposure and opportunities to make a living from their craft? 

As great as it is to be in a place that has so many venues for new artists, I wish the focus wasn’t so much to fill a line up for the venue, but also put the time to get to know the talent and find ways to make each performance standout. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received on your journey thus far? 

“The moment you think your work perfect, is the moment creativity is lost. As artists we should always want to be better. Our work is never complete”. 

What would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learnt on your journey to date?

Knowing when to zone out the voices that try to change who you are. It’s important to hear feedback, but I think it’s important to know what to receive and what to let slide. 

With the music industry always constantly changing – how have you had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape? 

I had to become more present on social media and curate my content to fit the format. 

Does the introduction of New Technology / Digital Age / Social Media etc enhance your life as a musician or do you feel it can be more of a hindrance?

It’s both amazing and terrifying. With social media, DIY artists have many platforms and resources to showcase their art and music. That I love! However, it is heartbreaking how lip syncing on TikTok gets so much attention or reposting other artists works on their page/channel will also get massive exposure, while artists who invest and pour their souls into their work barely get any recognition. 

The Future: 

So moving forward what’s next for you? 

I have a few new songs I will be releasing this year. I’m also working on some cool videos for my EP. 

How do you see the evolution of the band / yourself as an artist? 

I see it evolving into a 360 experience. I want to have themed shows that will feature my fashion and have a theatrical touch. 

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals in mind? 

Short-term goal right now is getting my “merch” line ready. For my ep I created anime-inspired mascots for each song, and they will be a part of an active wear line that coincides with the songs.

Long-term goal is going on tour in the US and out of the country. 

If you could tour with any band or artists who would that be? 

My dream would be Lana Del Rey! 


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