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Mark here editor of Rock ‘N’ Load.

Rock ‘N’ Load is a site that is run by passionate music lovers, goers and a team of contributors internationally who live and breathe music 247/365 days a year. This is a passion project first and foremost and we are on the frontline of the music press in the UK at the grassroots level spreading the word out about the music scene today.

We are currently looking to expand the team across the UK & Ireland in order to cover the vast amount of opportunities afforded to us weekly via the network of PR companies and Record Labels we work with. We have a great established relationship with a lot of the top UK PR companies, Record Labels, and Promoters whom we assist in promoting their artists through Album Reviews, Live Reviews and Interviews. Each week we turn down more opportunities than we can take currently due to the sheer number afforded to us, but we would like to rectify that.

Live Reviews:

We would like to build up a network of contributors across the UK & Ireland to help Live Reviews and to do so would would need additional Photographers & Reviewers. For live reviews, we need both photos and a write-up, so in an ideal world a photographer who can shoot and review is ideal, but if you are a tog who has someone who you partner up with to review that is absolutely fine. We certainly are interested in Photographers reaching out as we may have reviewers local to yourselves but please note we cannot organize photo passes for gigs alone without a written review.

Album Reviews:

We also would love to build up our network of Album Reviewers, this does not need to exclusively a UK/Ireland thing and we would be happy to have contributors internationally to cover the many genres we have submitted each month. We are primarily a Rock, Metal, Blues, Punk-Rock, Alt, site but we do have a lot of submissions for Singer-Songwriter, Country and other genres being thrown our way, so if you are passionate about music and feel you can put it into a short write up, we would love to hear from you.

If you are passionate about music, passionate about photography & music and would love an opportunity to marry the two together and put yourself in front of the bands you love, get in touch. If you feel you can put what a live gig means to you into a written review, please get in touch. If you prefer to put your thoughts out there on the forthcoming releases by the biggest names in the genre then please get in touch.

You can do so at this email address: [email protected], or below you can message us via FB or Twitter.





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