Family Dinner release new EP ‘You’re So Cool’

Family Dinner release new EP You’re So Cool, out today!

Produced by Brett Romnes (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche)

Photo Credit: Matty Poulos
“The rockin’ second single…gives off grungy ’90s rock vibes—think Hole, Garbage,
and Nirvana. It’s distorted catchy melody will have you dancing around
and appreciating the person you’re stuck within the quarantine.”
 – BTRToday “With its thundering drums, wall-of-noise guitars, and immediate punk-pop hooks,
it has us reminiscing about the likes of Garbage, L7, Smashing Pumpkins…and
most especially Her Royal Obnoxiousness Courtney Love.”
BlackBook Magazine

STREAM: You’re So Cool EP

WATCH: “You’re So Cool” (Music Video)

Today, Long Beach, NY band Family Dinner self-released their debut EP, You’re So Cool. Recorded over five days with Brett Romnes (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche) at Barbershop Studios, the four songs on the EP came together naturally for the band, spanning a mix of ’90s-inspired indie rock and punk-pop that takes cues from acts like Hole, Dinosaur Jr., and The Cranberries. The title track kicks it off by telling the tale of a couple on the run after committing murder, inspired by ’90s crime films like True Romance and Natural Born Killers. This movie-inspired lyricism continues “Mahogany”, a song written from the perspective of Bradley Cooper’s character in The Midnight Meat Train. Filled with bouncy guitars and melodic vocals, closer “Song 4 (Bloom)” dives into more personal territory about struggling to love yourself and trying to show people around you going through the same thing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You can listen to You’re So Cool on streaming services and Bandcamp.

Formed in 2018, the band consists of Natalie Simonelli (vocals), Michael O’Keeffe (guitar), Sam Weiss (bass), Nick Amalfitano (drums), and Mike Cap (guitars). Self-proclaiming themselves as “a band to soundtrack a house party,” Family Dinner isn’t reinventing alt-rock, but bringing back that effortless, cool vibe that makes you want to pay attention.

EP Artwork
1. You’re So Cool
2. Eyes
3. Mahogany
4. Song 4 (Bloom)
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