During the recording of this album frontman Kevin Vansteenkiste suffered a cardiac arrest while sitting around a bonfire with his wife and dogs.  His wife performed life saving CPR and the quick response from local paramedics saved his life.  Needless to say it changed the vibe of the record, and all of their lives collectively.

Not sure if it’ll be your thing, but it’s definitely a thing.

Recorded with Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack Recording Studio in London, ON, Canada.

This album pushes Familiars further into the heavy Canadiana sound they’ve cultivated over their past releases.

Spanning the course of 8 songs, themes of struggle and perseverance emerge through stories of hunger, history, and Canada’s wilderness.


Format: Digital / CD / Vinyl 

Release Date: April 10th 2020

Side A.

01 – Homestead
02 – Rocky Roost
03 – The Common Loon
04 – Barn Burning

Side B.

05 – The Incident
06 – The Dirty Dog Saloon
07 – Avro Arrow
08 – Bonanza

Album Credits:

Produced by Familiars & Simon Larochette

Engineered & Mixed by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack

Mastered by Gavin Gardiner



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