fallfiftyfeet // Lonely If You Go // EP Review


Following on from the 2021 album Twisted World Perspective, the three-piece from West Virginia are about to drop a three-track EP that matches the dealings of love with aquatic imagery. Intrigued?

Well, if that sounds like something you could get behind, let me tell you more.

The band are made up of David Wallace on vocals, James Becca on vocals and guitar alongside Zac Clevenger on vocals and bass. You may have spotted an irregularity with this lineup and you’d be right, therefore fallfiftyfeet got some help from drummer Bobby Crow of Signs of the Swarm to complete the recording line up.

This EP is to give a glimpse into the future of the band and these three tracks certainly have a lot to start wrapping your head around.

It is fair to say that the main structure (or lack of it) is around Mathcore and Metalcore, yet there is so much more going on than simply pigeonholing them into nice, neat categories.

The introduction to the EP shows exactly what to expect, with that being the unexpected. The erratic nature of the structure and sounds are something that will continue to keep you guessing throughout, then the vocals are as random as the guitars and drums.

When the sound is clean, it is anthemic but then when things take a huge turn for the heavier, it all gets a little twisted and unpredictable. At times you think Deftones sings Weezer and the next thing you know, things get a whole lot weirder.

Track two also introduces ZOMBIESHARK to the party and things get aggressive and you could be a little wary of what is on the way. Like poking a wounded wild animal, you know something coming but you’re not sure what.

By the time the EP has ended you will wonder what the fuck you have just experienced, but you will reach straight for the play button again as you want to hear it all over again.

If you are a fan of all things a little out there and built on a foundation of random, then this is for you.

I really enjoyed the unpredictability and that is only possible when the music and vocals are as good as these are as well.

Lonely If You Go is an incredible sample of what is come and I for one will be keeping a close on what is next.

Ed Ford

Lonely If You Go will be released Friday August 26th 2022



  1. Lonely If You Go
    2. When the Water Fills Your Lungs (feat. ZOMBIESHARK!)
    3. Meet Me Overboard







Photo Credit: Mat Schladen