**** FACING THE GALLOWS – EP „MMXX“ out now! *****

Facing The Gallows put South Africa on the map of jaw-dropping metal and throw fans back into the early days of metalcore. With their own combination of energetic metalcore hooks, bone-crushing death metal passages and groovy hardcore elements, the quintet from Johannesburg creates a unique style that is by no chance to be pigeonholed and reminiscent of As I Lay Dying and Parkway Drive, as well as Pantera and Unearth. Along their still youthful music career, Facing The Gallows prove to be unstoppable.

Check their latest video ‘Blackening’ here https://youtu.be/pHu2vrGlsUg

Facing The Gallows have a clear mission: To make metal from South Africa known worldwide. Not quite easy as the band admits: “We’re very far from the rest of the world and geographically we’re pretty isolated.” The Battle for Wacken South Africa couldn’t have been more convenient for the ambitious guys from Johannesburg, who ultimately emerged as the winners of the contest. “The Battle for Wacken South Africa really gave us a life-changing experience which made everything possible for us to be able to tell the world “We’re here”.” The resulting contact with Out Of Line Music is much more than just a record deal for Facing The Gallows. “Being able to take this step isn’t just important for us, it’s important for our country. It’s critical for our music scene. It’s momentous for bands and friends in SA to know that it is possible to do. It’s not some far-out unrealistic dream to think that we can get chances like this. There was a lot of work that went behind everything to get here, but we can do it”, the band says, underlining their goal to encourage the local metal scene in South Africa once again. Stream “MMXX” from Facing The Gallows on your favorite platform https://facingthegallows.lnk.to/MMXX.

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