FACE THE LEGACY sign to Out Of Line Music and drop taster track & video “Ashes on the Ground”

FACE THE LEGACY sign to Out Of Line Music and drop taster track & video “Ashes on the Ground” today!
Watch the music video here:

Face The Legacy from Jyväskylä, Finland started as a hard rock band. Over the years, the band sculpted into a mix of heavier riffing with melodic leads – inspired from the ’80s and ’90s, showing their way of writing and performing. The band is already known in their home country for their energetic live performance, hard-punching innovative riffs, and their very memorable melodies, which will get stuck in your head for a long time! Yet always sounding new and fresh.

“We are pleased to announce that we have signed a worldwide record deal, which has always been a goal of ours since the beginning. First of all, as a band, we are excited to do our first record with Out Of Line, and we are happy that they believe in us. Co-operation with the Out Of Line has been really good, and we are also really looking forward to the future with them.”
– Face The Legacy –
Stream “Ashes on the Ground” here: 

Lead singer Niklas Lindeman comments on the lyrics of the first single, “Ashes on the Ground”: “As the writer of the song lyrics, I wanted to show a way for you to question maybe the ongoing problems in the world – the ethical side in particular. The song came together quite naturally, and we knew straight away that we had something great in our hands.” 

“Ashes on the Ground gives a straightforward direction to the whole album,” guitarist Elias Suhonen remembers when he heard the complete song. Giving an insight into the sound of the upcoming debut album as of now, “we’d say it creates a dark, angry and inspirational atmosphere. Themes for the songs come from very personal experiences, from issues we’ve faced and that we wanted to make a difference in,” adds Niklas.

“As of now, with the signing to Out of Line, the band means everything to us. We want to show that we’re putting our maximum effort when it comes to writing music, evolving as musicians, and of course as a band,” confirms Niklas. And Elias agrees: “To me, this band is that I can make the music I love. Our music is a nice blend of the music I listen to in my everyday life. Signing a record deal has been on my bucket list since I found rock music as a kid, and that’s what makes me work hard for my dreams. I also totally agree with Niklas. This band means everything to me!”

Bass player Aleksanteri Skaniakos defines the search for the location for the video shooting set: “We shot the playing sections of our music video at Tanssisali Lutakko, our local legendary venue. We’re thankful for the staff there for letting us film the video there and being as helpful as ever. The story parts were filmed by our cameraman Teemu Myöhänen from KarmaMedia in Southern Finland, the Capital area. He scripted the video, and we really liked his ideas, for example, setting the man on fire for the solo section of the song.” 

“When we started planning to shoot the video for Ashes on the Ground, I contacted various places in our hometown, Jyväskylä. One place was an old castle with a wooden tennis court inside and an abandoned school. Both turned out impossible, and Aleksanteri suggested I try Tanssisali Lutakko. I called their promoter, Raine, and he immediately said yes. It also felt natural as we have played there many times over the years,” recalls Elias thankfully.

Each band member brings particular effort to their music from various musical backgrounds, making Face The Legacy. There are many influences from many genres in their music: drip of ’80s hard rock and ’90s grunge, but generally from ’90s and present-day rock music. Face The Legacy are touring since 2017, including shows before even releasing any music. The band already played around 60 gigs, a couple of Finnish tours, including performances from Helsinki to the North of Lapland. All done DIY and booked by the band.

“Our lead singer Niklas has taken the album to the next level with his haunting cleans and hard-hitting screams. I feel like everyone really stepped up their game for this one,” Aleksanteri (bass) concludes – stay tuned to Face the Legacy! The full-length album will be released worldwide via Out Of Line Music.

Face the Legacy are:
Niklas Lindeman – vocals & guitars
Elias Suhonen – guitars
Aleksanteri Skaniakos – bass
Pietro Tuominen – drums
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